Immrama Institute: binaural beat technology


At the Immrama Institute, we are committed to providing our customers with the most effective personal growth strategies available today. Through our research and education programs, we endeavor to offer our customers the best opportunities for exploration, learning, and the full development of the human potential. The Immrama Institute was created in 2001 with the goal of sharing the exciting life-changing effects of brainwave technology with others who look to improve their lives, their mental and emotional well-being, and even their physical health. One of our first goals was to improve upon existing brainwave technology, which had been around and remained unchanged for many decades. After several years of research and ongoing testing, we developed our proprietary harmonic frequency layering technique, which greatly enhances the effectiveness of the technology and evokes a more powerful response in the listener’s brain. The achievement of this goal has allowed us to help thousands of people around the world experience the incredible benefits offered by brainwave technology, and has laid the foundation for expanding our research into other fields of personal growth and development.


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