Aura Seeing Fest- free pass


You can learn to see Auras,
the ever changing flow of life energy
An aura is the energy field that surrounds living creatures. It can be seen as subtle colors radiating around a body.
Everyone can learn to see auras, and you get to try it for yourself during the upcoming (and free!) Aura Seeing Fest.
Simply get your Free Pass and show up at a special website on Monday, February 15 for your free instruction.
The first session is available for you right now.
Auras can tell you a lot about yourself and about another person. They can appear as a rainbow of colors around all living things, including people. They give you great insight into one’s body and mind. They can help you respond better to life situations.
You see, the human energy field reflects all aspects of the body and mind. It is not possible to have a physical or mental disturbance (positive or negative) and have it not reflected in the aura.
Seeing auras gives you more of a total view, a panoramic vision of any person, any group of people, and any situation. The more information you have, the better decisions you can make.
What you can do when you see auras
Health professionals: get to the core of someone’s issues
Attorneys: select a jury
Managers: assemble the most effective team that can work together
Sales professionals: see when a prospect really likes your offering
Parents: choose a babysitter
Speakers: know whether your audience is engaged with your message
Single people: assess a date
Teachers: know when students really get it
Spiritual seekers: an aura is our spiritual signature. When you see a person with a bright, clean aura, you can be sure that such a person is good and spiritually advanced, even if they are not aware of it.
We’re all born with the ability to see auras. It is an inherent human ability that has become latent over time. It’s been systematically trained away and stymied by our modern lifestyles. During the Aura Seeing Fest you will awaken this ability.
Yes, you can see your own aura!
You will be able to look in the mirror each morning and see how you’re doing.
You’ll see exactly what you need to balance for a great day.
When you can see auras, you see
a dimension of life that has been here all along
that you have been missing
Beyond the practical benefits of seeing auras in your day-to-day life… Beyond the physical beauty of seeing this luminous, subtle, moving and wafting, transposing, transforming energy… You see the connectedness of all living creatures.
You’ll go beyond seeing that we are all in it together. You’ll see that we are all it. We are one. You’ll see it with your own eyes. It will change the way you look at everything.
How do you learn to see the energy?
Kinja DiagramsSeeing auras involves a combination of training your eyes to see subtle energy and opening your third eye, located in the partially dormant pineal gland in the center of the brain behind your eyes.
As you go through the Aura Seeing Fest, you will be “gazing” at various charts to train your eyes. These charts will help you build depth of field in your vision, enhance dexterity with your eyes, recognize contrast between fields of energy, and distinguish between subtle colors of energy.
You will also be gazing at specific diagrams that accelerate the movement of Qi—or energy—in the energy centers of your body to open your “third eye” and facilitate your ability to see auras.
You will experience meditations that scour debris from your auric field, helping you see through your field so you can better see the auras of others. These meditations can also enhance your everyday activities and your state of health.
By the end of the week, you will have the experience of seeing auras.
We are thrilled to make this free opportunity available to you beginning Monday, February 15. You will be able to coax your brain into perceiving and processing a wider spectrum of these energetic vibrations, so you can see into the essence of whatever you are looking at—a person, your pet, a plant, a treasured memento, or something as basic as a chair.

 Here stories from those who have used Aura Seeing…
There is no other course like it! I have read a few books, but nothing compares to this hands on approach. If you are really serious to learn to see Auras then this is for you!
– Les, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
This program is helping to open me to seeing more of the energy around me and everyone else so that I may better serve my clients and clear and heal myself as well.
– Sherry Q Los Angeles, Ca
Before purchasing this course I had no idea if it would be worth the price but I was pleased with the amount of audio material and support. Now if only I could stick to a schedule and make my own practice more routine I believe the benefits will be far greater than just seeing auras in the end. I think it helps bring awareness and understanding of the fabric of the world we live in, too.
– Beth from Austin, Texas
I have found the aura seeing course has really helped to lift and shift my overall energy. I have been through once and while I’m not seeing auras yet I can see that with practice it will come, just as practicing maths helps make multiplication make sense. There is a clear path, now I just need to follow it. In the meantime I am enjoying the feeling of my life being brighter and calmer, with clarity coming in areas that gave been unclear for some time. I’ll happily tell my friends about this course.
– Linda Curtis from Wellington, New Zealand
What I love most about Learning Strategies courses is that no matter what someone’s learning style is, they can absorb the information in a number of ways. I’ve taken a few courses over a period of several years, and the aura seeing course is one of my favorites. I got results almost immediately and it wasn’t difficult at all. Brian Osborne has a wonderful, soothing voice and manner. I feel incredibly grateful that such a high quality and effective course is available to me, and that I was able to get it by making monthly payments. It was the only way I could have purchased it. Being able to see energy allowed me to warn my own father of a heart issue almost a year before his doctor found it. I’ve loved all the courses I’ve taken, but this one especially has affected me in a profound way. I wholeheartedly recommend it. It works.
– Isabell McAren Rockford, IL

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