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Software Savings – 50% Off!

Now until Midnight use the Coupon Code: 50OFF and get 50% off any of our software programs for use with the IomPE or your IomPro hardware!

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This also includes any of the three newest programs from Wild Divine shown below.

Journey to Eagle Mountain: The Seeker –  Fly with the power of your breath in this biofeedback adventure game where you need to harness the power of your new animal friends to help find the lost records of Universal Love. Our good friend Nawang Khechog accompanies you as his flute music inspires you on this long journey. Let your mind fly free! Click here to learn more!

Clear Your Mind
Villa Serena – the new mind clearing program from Wild Divine gives you this simple but beautiful task: To restore Villa Serena to is former majestic state. Much like our minds this once pristine Villa has fallen into disrepair and now it needs you to help restore it. As you repair Villa Serena, you’ll also repair and restore your mind. Learn more here.
Mindfulness Meditation – Awaken Presence and Open Your Heart
Wild Divine brings you a new mentor in this program Mindfulness Meditation with Tara BrachTara Brach, Ph.D. is a leading western teacher of Buddhist meditation, emotional healing and spiritual awakening. Now, combining her wisdom with Wild Divine’s proprietary “mindfulness meter” technology, you can see and track your progress on-screen, in real time. Set to inspiring visuals and music, let Mindfulness Meditation with Tara Brach and Wild Divine’s Iom Technology give you the step-by-step tools to decrease stress, cultivate inner calm, and live a happier and more balanced life. Click here to learn more.
To see a listing of ALL the software from Wild Divine, CLICK HERE, and remember the
Coupon Code: 50OFF
Ancient wisdom revealed with modern technology

Clear your mind    Relax your body   Restore your energy

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