Unexplainable .com, 14 free spiritual sessions

We Now Allow Unlimited Streaming Of 14 Spiritual Sessions To ALL FREE MEMBERS!

Chakra- Meditation- Kundalini- Karma- Prana- Om Mantra- Enlightenment- Vegan-
Compassion- Christ Consciousness- Past Life- Psychic- Astral Travel- and Yoga…


We will keep these FREE as long as we can afford the bandwidth bill.
We want to give everyone the needed tools to get closer to the Creator for FREE..

If you want to thank us and help keep these FREE For ALL, consider becoming a Premier Member…

Premier Membership Is Now Only $9 Per Month!
Get Unlimited Streaming of ALL Our MP3’s for 30 Cents a Day!

If you can afford 30 Cents a day, please register as Premier and help us cover the bandwidth cost
so we can give these away to as many people as possible..

Together we can change the world!

Jim McElwee

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