Abundance for Life Mindfest: August 17

AFL-EmailHead“I feel excited for a while,
I take a few actions only to have my enthusiasm dwindle –
or, I get confused about what to do next.”

If that describes you, we have an easy, realistic, FREE, step-by-step way to succeed—even in challenging times.
It is still possible to
have everything you want.
We will prove it to you on August 17
Introducing the Abundance for Life Mindfest to help you with the confidence, action, persistence, and passion you need.
Beginning Monday, August 17, you can listen to eight life-changing sessions from Paul Scheele’s Abundance for Life audio course. This includes three breakthrough Paraliminal sessions for unlimited abundance.
Tens of thousands have paid hundreds of dollars for this course, and now you get to do the course for free beginning on Monday, August 17. But only if you get your Free Pass today.
Get Your Free Pass Today!


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