The New Iom PE from WildDivine

The New Iom PE from  WildDivine

The Relaxing Rhythms PE gives users the complete 15-Step Guided Training Meditation Program with over 45 Meditations and Inspirations from the esteemed Wild Divine contributors: • Dr. Dean Ornish • Dr. Andrew Weil • Zen Master Nissim Amon • Sharon Salzberg • Nawang Khechog • Joan Borysenko • Stephen Cope The new ear clip design in the IomPE is hands-free and easy to use, and provides the same level of heart rate and coherence training as our other models. The SCL reading that comes from the original Wild Divine hardware is removed and so are the original active feedback events in this smaller PE version. However, the Relaxing Rhythms PE program still includes Graphing and a new scoring system to track your progress over time. The Wild Divine Team

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