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The Rise of the Fierce Feminine,: FREE from the ShiftNetwork with Andrew Harvey, Caroline Myss & Mirabai Starr

Is your heart breaking over the state of the world? Are you feeling called to take a stand for truth, justice, and love…

… and cut through all the denial and illusion, which are causing such harm to our daily lives and our planet?

This is the Fierce Feminine rising up in you and in so many others, to help birth a new future for all…

In her most authentic form, the Fierce Feminine is profound transformation; she is evolution; she carries the wisdom of our past and the possibility of our future….and she is alive within YOU.

On Wednesday, October 25, you can discover her gifts for personal and collective healing and transformation when you join Andrew Harvey, Caroline Myss, and Mirabai Starr for The Rise of the Fierce Feminine: Embracing the Wild, Liberated, Passionate Power of Life.

Registration for this virtual event is free. Reserve your space now: 

During this first-ever virtual event with three leading teachers of the Fierce Feminine, you’ll discover:

  • How the Fierce Feminine is the key to fully manifesting your gifts and making a powerful impact in the world
  • A reframed understanding of our current crisis as the birthing of a new humanity
  • How the Fierce Feminine can amplify your influence and deepen your ability to lead, create change, and be of service
  • The deeper truths of your darkest experiences in life and how to receive their gifts of spiritual initiation
  • The dispelling of the most common myths of what the Fierce Feminine is (and isn’t) so you can fully embody this energy in your life

The Fierce Feminine is our greatest hope for real change — and the force we must each draw on to bring deeper love to our lives, and much-needed sanity and balance to a world engulfed in the flames of violence and fear.

With Andrew, Caroline, and Mirabai’s expert guidance, you’ll discover the immense power of your own Fierce Feminine and how to use this creative force to be the change our world so desperately needs.

RSVP for free here

Paul at  ChangeThatMind

(Note that  ChangeThatMind is an  affiliate of the ShiftNetwork)

P.S. During The Rise of the Fierce Feminine, you’ll discover how to step into your Fierce Feminine to wield the sword of discernment, speak and act from your wisdom, and cut through denial and illusion… in service to personal and collective transformation.

This event is free but requires registration. RSVP here

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.


'The Remembering Process' with Jo Vitale & Daniel Barrett: only $19 for a limited time

The remembering process is designed to give you an entirely new way of thinking – both consciously and unconsciously – that will empower you to easily break through limitations in your life… and achieve more than you ever dreamed possible!

Daniel Barrett (founder and CEO of Rubicon Artist Development) and Joe originally developed The Remembering Process as a way for musicians to achieve incredible depth and talent in their work. But they quickly realized that it could empower people from all walks of life to achieve their dreams… no matter how long they’ve felt “stuck.”

The Remembering Process is unlike anything that you've seen before: it's an advanced form of visualization that empowers your higher mind to manifest desires, dreams, and goals in a way that's "spooky" fast.

And even though this technique is incredibly advanced... it's SIMPLE to use if you follow the  step-by-step process.

This is NOT the Law of Attraction. This is BEYOND the Law of Attraction.

You see, when most people “wish” for what they want… all they’re really doing is putting more energy into what they lack – that is, the negativity that comes with not having what they want. But through the subtle but powerful shift you’ll experience in The Remembering Process, your “wishes” will become your way of remembering the future. And because what you desire already exists in the future… it’s yours for the taking!

The best part is… we’ve structured this course to make the process almost effortless. Instead of struggling for years and wondering why things never work out for you, you’ll be able to “remember” any circumstance or possession you want… and then relax knowing that it is on its way into your physical reality!

So What Will You Get When You Dive Into “The Remembering Process” Just Minutes from Now?

Your course is made up of 21 short, insight-packed modules that will take you through ‘The Remembering Process” and give you the power to achieve virtually anything you want by clearing away emotional obstacles and tapping into the future-casting power of your own infinite mind.

You’ll be learning and mastering your personal Remembering Process by following each module in order… and by taking notes and journaling at the end of each section:

Paul  at ChangeThatMind
(Note that ChangeThatMind is an affiliate of Jo Vitale)
PS - Why continue just “wishing” for nice things, a better job, a supportive relationship, or anything else?

This step-by-step blueprint will help you go from lack to abundance, so you can begin truly enjoying your life…

…instead of just “wishing” it away:


Psychotherapy & Spirituality Summit! FREE from SoundsTrue

Spiritual training (which includes practices such as meditation, prayer, inquiry, and yoga) can help us open to a dimension that is transcendent and filled with grace.

Psychological work can help us heal the wounds from our past and learn to navigate skillfully when it comes to our emotions and the world of intimacy and relationships.

How can we bring together the best of these two powerful approaches to healing and transformation?

How might each discipline address potential "blind spots" contained in the other?

What does an integrated approach to human growth and fulfillment look like...

—one that honors both the discoveries of the wisdom traditions and the discoveries of Western psychology and neuroscience?

Join the free online Psychotherapy and Spirituality Summit!

October 30 through November 8 with the following presenters:

Registration is FREE and you can sign up now!


Beyond Good Nutrition with Kirsty Wirth & Cyndi O'Meara: FREE 4 part video series from Changing Habits

Are you suffering from health issues, you have tried to eat healthy, tried many different treatments but you just can’t seem to get better?

There could be a chance that you could be suffering from gut issues. Kirsty Wirth from Kultured Wellness and Cyndi O’Meara from Changing Habits – two incredibly influential and knowledgeable health educators have partnered together and are bringing out a FREE 4 part gut health series – ‘Beyond Good Nutrition’

You will learn how an in-balance in your gut can cause fatigue, digestive problems, lapse of memory and focus, as well as affect your moods. If this sounds familiar, then click here to signup 
Cyndi & Kirsty will discuss vital steps to balance your gut and regain your energy and resilience.

Click here  for more information and to sign up. If you know of anyone who could be suffering from gut health issues, make sure you share this with them as well.

Paul  at  ChangeThatMind

(Note that  ChangeThatMind is an  affiliate of Changing Habits)


Living from a Place of Surrender with Michael A Singer: FREE from SoundsTrue

How would you describe your relationship with your mind?

Would you say it’s good? Terrible? Somewhere in between?

Michael A. Singer, author of The Untethered Soul and The Surrender Experiment, has created a three-part “mini-course” that focuses on these all-important questions.

In SoundsTrue's first video, Michael explores the consequences of an out-of-control mind and the struggle to “fix inner problems using the outside world.”

Sign up to watch all three videos in “The Mind Can Be a Dangerous Place or a Great Gift” series.

In Video #2, Michael reveals the deeper, intuitive, and creative levels of the mind that each one of us is born with, and will be available soon!

New! Michael A. Singer’s FREE 3-part mini course, “The Mind Can Be a Dangerous Place or a Great Gift”—registration now open!

Or, from October 30th, you will  be able to  purchase Michael's entire 8 video  session  programme here 

In purchasing Living from a Place of Surrender you will journey with Michael A. Singer through eight video sessions intended to help free you from stress and anxiety and open to a life of inspiration, joy, and contribution to the greater whole.

Join Michael for his personal guidance and practical teachings on:

  • Letting go of who you think you are to discover a deeper "you"
  • Rediscovering the miraculous nature of every unfolding moment
  • Ending the struggle with a noisy mind once and for all
  • Releasing inner blockages and old emotions and keeping the heart open
  • Living in harmony with the flow of life

"Your natural state is one of ecstasy, but you miss it because you're busy focusing on what the mind has to say about everything," explains Michael A. Singer. "The goal of this course is to change your entire perspective—to challenge you to go beyond yourself in order to live from a place of surrender to the flow of life."

Register to  purchase   this genuine adventure of a lifetime—we hope you'll be there!  


The 3 Essential Chinese Reflexology Points for Women at 40, 50 & Beyond, with Holly TseL FREE from the ShiftNetwork

You’re probably aware that reflexology is the application of appropriate pressure and massage to specific points and areas on the feet, hands, or ears.

What you may not know is that this ancient healing art offers relief from key physical and emotional imbalances unique to women in their forties, fifties, and beyond.

On Wednesday, October 18, you can discover reflexology points to help you balance hormones, curb insomnia, diminish monthly cramps, and headaches and SO much more when you join traditional Chinese reflexologist and Dragon Spirit guide Holly Tse for The 3 Essential Chinese Reflexology Points for Women at 40, 50 & Beyond: Ancient Wisdom to Balance Your Hormones, Remove Energetic Blocks & Reignite Your Vitality.

Registration for this virtual event is free. Reserve your space now

If you’ve been looking for a simple, quick way to beneficially shift your health, wellbeing, and happiness — and even feed your soul — Holly offers a no-nonsense approach to Chinese reflexology with self-empowering ways to help you heal and live your life with the energy and vitality you crave!

During this exciting 60-minute online event, you’ll discover:

  • The most important meridians to help your overall health, sleep, and energy
  • The 3-Yin Crossing — and how this acupressure point can support the primary health concerns of women before, during, and after menopause
  • How disharmonies in one of your organ meridians can contribute to weight gain and fatigue (and why you may sabotage diets if you ignore this crucial meridian!)
  • A practice to work with your inner fountain of youth to slow down the effects of aging
  • Why so many women deplete their “jing” as a result of overgiving… and how to revitalize it so you feel strong and vital

More than anything, Chinese reflexology provides a simple path from powerlessness to taking charge of your body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Don’t miss your chance to learn how you can easily administer reflexology on yourself wherever you are and whenever you need it, to clear energy imbalances from stress, worry, anger, fear, and more!

RSVP for free here

Paul at  ChangeThatMind

(Note that  ChangeThatMind is an  affiliate of the ShiftNetwork)

P.S. During The 3 Essential Chinese Reflexology Points for Women at 40, 50 & Beyond, you’ll learn easy hands-on methods you can self-apply to harmonize your qi (life force energy) and take charge of your health for greater vitality, joy, and wellbeing.

This event is free but requires registration. RSVP here

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.


The Gardening & Homesteading Skills Summit: FREE from the ShiftNetwork

Are you interested in feeding your family from your own home garden?

It’s incredibly satisfying to know your meal was cultivated by your very own hands… from sourcing and saving seeds to building up fertile soil to capturing rainwater to nourish your crops.

Or are you contemplating your next step in expanding your family garden — adding chickens or beekeeping to the mix? (Fresh eggs and raw honey at your fingertips? Yes please!)

During The Gardening & Homesteading Skills Summit, some of today’s most innovative farmers, educators, tradespeople, and off-the-gridders will be sharing the “how-to’s” of modern homesteading in urban and suburban settings…

They’ll show you everything you need to know from seeds to soil to irrigation to canning and preserving. They’ll also guide you in step-by-step best practices for raising chickens, beekeeping and more. And, they’ll share how you can make herbal remedies from your own garden and advance grassroots healthcare initiatives.

Plus, if you’re passionate about living in the healthiest, most sustainable way possible — for yourself, your family and our planet — you’ll discover essential environmentally friendly practices for protecting our planet’s precious resources while providing for your family, community and beyond.

So, if you have the heart, mind and will, but just need some easy-to-follow guidance… join in for 3 days of innovation at The Gardening & Homesteading Skills Summit — October 17-19, 2017  and discover how to grow more, shop less, and save the planet!

Free Online Event
The Gardening & Homesteading Skills Summit
October 17-19, 2016

RSVP here for The Gardening & Homesteading Skills Summit — at no charge

Whether you’re interested in expanding your garden, starting an urban farm, living in right relationship with nature, or treating your family through natural medicine (or all of the above!)… there are answers for you during The Gardening & Homesteading Skills Summit.

Here are some of the skills you’ll discover from the master gardeners, urban farmers and homesteading experts…

  • How to gather & save your own seeds
  • Cultivating your own herbal remedies and natural healthcare products
  • The secret to raising happy, healthy chickens in the city and suburbs
  • Beekeeping practices for a sweeter home life and more sustainable world
  • Grassroots, community-based healthcare systems — integrating herbalists, apothecaries, gardens, local farms, farmers markets and more
  • How farming is empowering women & girls of color — and reconnecting them with the earth
  • Rainwater harvesting and greywater capture — save resources + money
  • High-fertility soil practices for urban gardens and farms

And much more!

Plus you’ll be in good hands for this first-ever online gathering with educator, gardener, beekeeper, artist, and activist, host K. Ruby Blume, Founder and Headmistress of The Institute of Urban Homesteading.

I hope you’ll join this “groundbreaking” event, produced by The Shift Network:

Join The Gardening & Homesteading Skills Summit here — at no charge:

Paul at  ChangeThatMind

(Note that  ChangeThatMind is an  affiliate of the Shift Network)

P.S. Modern Homesteading & Sustainable Living

Discover practical skills for you to live in more sustainable ways — including expert tips for starting or expanding your home garden, seed saving, soil enrichment, rainwater harvesting, small animal husbandry, beekeeping, making your own cheese, just to name a few…

RSVP here for The Gardening & Homesteading Skills Summit — at no charge


How Medicinal Plants Can Protect & Enhance Your Mind withDavid Crow: FREE from the ShiftNetwork

Did you know that plants can boost your memory and mental clarity, increase your feelings of happiness and peace, and support your spiritual growth?

Personally, I was surprised to discover that certain plants can do all of these things for us, and more!

Sharing the medical and spiritual therapeutic powers of plants is the passion of Floracopeia founder David Crow, who weaves insights from Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, herbalism and other disciplines. He’s a brilliant teacher who helps us relate to the powers of plants in totally new ways.

That’s why I’m excited to invite you to a complimentary virtual event with David on Saturday, October 7, called How Medicinal Plants Can Protect & Enhance Your Mind: Discovering the Power of Herbs for Neuroprotection, Mental Clarity, Increased Memory & Spiritual Awakening.

You can RSVP for free, here

During this powerful event, you’ll receive fascinating insights as well as specific teachings, including:

  • How to increase your capacity for manifestation by boosting your core vitality and mental energy with herbs
  • Herbal treasures used in Ayurveda for enhancing meditation practice and supporting positive mental and emotional states
  • In an age of attention-deficit disorders, neuroprotective herbs and essential oils that enhance your powers of concentration
  • Important herbs and essential oils that support deep sleep and peaceful rest
  • A discussion of the latest clinical research exploring traditional shamanic practices that use psychoactive plants to treat addiction and trauma

For over 30 years, David has pioneered a path for harnessing the power of plants and their ability to infuse your body, mind and soul with more organic wisdom and a sustainable connection with all of life.

He unifies wisdom from many streams of healing practices into a coherent understanding that will show you how to relate more deeply with the botanical world to enhance your mind and deepen your spiritual growth!

And as I mentioned, this virtual event is free! Register here

P.S. In How Medicinal Plants Can Protect & Enhance Your Mind, David Crow will show you how to better care for your body, mind and spirit through the use of natural remedies.

This event is appropriate for professionals in any discipline that works with herbs, plants, oils or energy — and anyone intrigued by the healing and evolutionary personal benefits of botanical medicine!

RSVP for free here

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.

Note that ChangeThatMind is an  affiliate of The ShiftNetwork)


Freeing Your Energy Body From Early Family Conditioning: with Dr Anodea Judith: FREE from the ShiftNetwork

Our childhood wounds not only shape and define us, they actually get wired into our bodies.

The belief systems, unconscious behaviors, self-defeating habits, and strategies that helped us cope as children persist into adulthood, holding us back from true success and achieving our deepest dreams.

Yet what if you could overcome this early programming to reinvent yourself and experience the freedom, vitality, intimacy, and inner peace that until now has been beyond your reach?

On Saturday, October 14, bestselling author Anodea Judith, the world’s #1 expert on chakras, will reveal how you can do just that during a free virtual event: Freeing Your Energy Body From Early Family Conditioning: Using the Five Character Types to Liberate Your Authentic Self.

You can reserve your free spot here

Anodea will explore how your past struggles produced limiting thoughts and behaviors through the lens of five basic character structures — first identified by Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich — and how you can break free of these restraints.

Anodea’s experiences gleaned from four decades of teaching and working with clients enabled her to develop powerful and effective exercises to create awareness of these character structures — and dissolve the corresponding blockages to move your energy from “pattern” back to “essence.”

During this complimentary session, you’ll:

  • Examine the basic schema of the five character types and discover what type (or types!) you may be
  • Gain an overview of how your dominant character structure may have formed in your early life, which can help you better understand your current behaviors and limitations
  • Understand what your most important needs were at each stage of childhood development — and what could happen if those needs were not met
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your “charge” and how you shape your life force into different patterns to limit or free yourself
  • Discover how our psychological defenses form “body armor” that keeps us from experiencing the intimacy we long for in our key relationships

If you’re ready to break free from long-held patterns that no longer serve you and finally experience the fullness of your true self, you won’t want to miss this mind-expanding hour!

Hope to “see” you there- It’s FREE to attend!!

Paul at  ChangeThatMind

(Note that  ChangeThatMind is an affiliate of the ShiftNetwork)

P.S. Anodea Judith will share details about the five basic character structures to help you break free from childhood patterns that have held you back from truly living.

This event is free — all you need to do is register here

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.



Discover the 4 Foundations of Intuitive Healing with Wendy De Rosa: FREE from the ShiftNetwork

Have you been told that you’re “overly sensitive”?

Do you feel like you take on the emotions of those around you — and have been doing so since you were a child?

Many of us have grown up in families and cultures in which our natural intuitive gifts were not honored, encouraged, or valued. So we didn’t receive the guidance we needed to manage the energy of others, which led to us feeling anxious, fearful, or even depressed.

That’s why author, trainer, and intuitive healer Wendy De Rosa’s virtual mini-workshop is so important. Wendy will show you how to heal the energetic patterns that have been embedded in your chakras so you can experience greater freedom, authenticity, and connection to your healing gifts.

I hope you’ll join us on Wednesday, October 11, for Discover the 4 Foundations of Intuitive Healing: How to Clear Energy Blocks & Turn Your Sensitivity Into a Healing Gift.

You can find out more and register here for this FREE virtual event

If you’re especially sensitive and have struggled with taking on the energy of others and easily becoming anxious and overwhelmed, Wendy will illuminate the pathway for accessing your natural intuitive gifts in a grounded and embodied way.

In this free video event, you’ll discover how to:

  • Dissolve energetic and emotional blocks that prevent you from accessing your intuition
  • Distinguish your intuitive voice (voice of your soul) from the conditioning of others (voice of your ego)
  • Clear old programming from your lower three chakras so you can ground powerfully into your authentic self
  • Access the four intuitive foundations (hearing, seeing, feeling, knowing) so you can expand your blueprint for receiving information
  • Understand how your intuition works in your body

The challenge is that most of us have accumulated emotional and energetic blocks that keep us from accessing and expressing our gifts…

When you clearly hear the voice of your intuition, you’ll be free to share your unique gifts with the world — and become more empowered in your relationships and in your work.

Join us for a fascinating hour that will help illuminate your blind spots, identify areas for further development, and explain how to navigate life in a way that honors and celebrates your sensitivity!! 

This event is appropriate for both seasoned professional healers and those who are just opening to their gifts.

Paul at ChangeThatMind

(Note that  ChangeThatMind is an affiliate of The ShiftNetwork)

P.S. Please don’t miss this rare event with Wendy De Rosa to discover how to clear emotional and energetic blocks to liberate your intuitive healing gifts!

Save your space here for Discover the 4 Foundations of Intuitive Healing: How to Clear Energy Blocks & Turn Your Sensitivity Into a Healing Gift

A downloadable video recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.


Cleanse Kits Sale; 15% off from LifeSpa

Last Day to Save BIG!

Save up to $45 on your cleanse kit if you buy before midnight tonight. Don't miss out on the savings!

The Cleanse Kit Sale includes:

  • 2-week Guided Group Fall Colorado Cleanse Kits
  • 2-week Anytime Colorado Cleanse Kits
  • 4-day Short Home Cleanse Kits

>>> Choose your cleanse kit now

Today is the last day to save up secure your spot for LifeSpa’s Fall 2017 Guided Group Colorado Cleanse at the best rate.

Registering during Early Bird registration could save you up to $45!

Group Colorado Cleanse Dates:
October 17 – October 30, 2017

LifeSpa's Colorado Cleanse is a guided, at-home 14-day Ayurvedic Digestive Detox and Lymph Cleanse designed to help you achieve:

  • less stress and deeper sleep
  • stronger immunity
  • greater mental clarity
  • smoother digestion
  • be closer to your balanced, healthy weight
  • freedom from mood swings and cravings
  • freedom from old habits, emotions and behaviors

With LifeSpa's Group Guided Colorado Cleanse, you’ll get:

  • 3 Live Q&A sessions in which you get to ask Dr. John Douillard your questions directly
  • 5 audio lectures guiding you through each phase of the cleanse
  • Daily emails with tips, inspirations and FAQs compiled over years of guided group cleanses greater mental clarity
  • Access to an online forum where you can ask your fellow cleansers and LifeSpa staff your questions, ask for advice and share your experience

Register for LifeSpa's Fall Group Colorado Cleanse Now!

Paul at


The Power of Self-Compassion with Kristin Neff & Chris Germer : 3 FREE videos from Sounds True



When we see a friend or even a stranger in crisis or pain, most of us are pretty good at extending our compassion. But when we ourselves are suffering, too often we neglect to give the same kindness to ourselves.

For over a decade, Chris Germer, PhD, and Kristin Neff, PhD have been at the forefront of research into self-compassion, investigating its many dimensions, benefits, and ways to strengthen it.

The good news is that anyone can learn to access this inner ally.

What happens when we cultivate self-compassion? A solid body of ever-expanding scientific evidence reveals that highly self-compassionate people are:

  • More motivated and productive
  • Less self-critical, anxious, and depressed
  • More self-confident
  • More resilient and persistent when they fail
  • Happier and more satisfied
  • More curious, creative, and innovative
  • More supportive of others

Could you use more of these “positives” in your life? This immersive eight-week online course with Kristin Neff, PhD, and Chris Germer, PhD, will show you the way.

Discover the Power of Self-Compassion;  a FREE 3-Video Series

Watch Now

Or from  October 3rd, you can buy the full  series here and  save $100 off the regular price—plus, receive three free bonus gifts!

A Step-by-Step Training  to Bring Kindness and Inner Strength to Any Moment of Your Life 

Join Now! 


The Inner Bonding Method with Dr. Margaret Paul : FREE from the ShiftNetwork

Are you convinced that loving yourself is THE key to your healing, liberation and living in joy?


Yet, do you find yourself repeatedly caught in the trap of trying to “get love” outside of yourself?

If so, I’m excited to introduce you to world-renowned psychologist Margaret Paul’s tools and practices for receiving deep, unconditional love… from within.


I’d like to invite you to join her on Wednesday, October 4, for 6 Steps to Finally, Truly Loving Yourself: How to Access the Love You Never Received & Live in Profound Joy.

You can  find out more and register here for this FREE virtual event


During this special session with Margaret Paul, cofounder of the Inner Bonding method, you’ll find out about techniques for working with your emotional pain, anxiety and fear — so that you can form healthy attachments with the parts of you that have felt unworthy… and truly LOVE yourself.

During this free virtual event, you’ll:

  • Receive insights into the core cause of depression, anxiety and most addictive behaviors, from substance abuse to technology
  • Discover the 4 most common signs of self-abandonment — and how to fill the emptiness from the INSIDE
  • Realize the #1 cause of relationship problems… and how to address it
  • Begin to access your “causeless joy” and your intrinsic worth independent of outer circumstances and accomplishments

The process of Inner Bonding teaches you how to “parent” yourself at the deepest levels so that you can finally experience true love for yourself… consistently.

Join us for this illuminating and practical hour-long virtual event! 

Paul at ChangeThatMind

(Note that  ChangeThatMind is an  affiliate of the ShiftNetwork)

P.S. Everyone who registers for 6 Steps to Finally, Truly Loving Yourself: How to Access the Love You Never Received & Live in Profound Joy, will also receive the audio recording afterward. Please don’t miss this rare event with renowned psychologist Margaret Paul.

Save your space here


Shamanic Journeying to the Other Side: FREE with Robert Moss & the ShiftNetwork

Did you know that through the practice of advanced shamanic journeying, you can receive higher guidance from the “other side” that’s precisely attuned to whatever needs attention, nurturance, love and healing in your life right now?

Yes, you can embark upon these voyages in consciousness to connect with those on the other side… which can also help dissolve your fear of death so you can live with a greater ease, passion and love.

If you’d like to learn core principles and practices for shamanic journeying to the realm of life after death, you’ll want to participate in a FREE online event featuring Robert Moss, bestselling author of Active Dreamingand a dozen other books on the fascinating subject of dreaming.

This free event, Shamanic Journeying to the Other Side: Communicate with the Departed & Make Death Your Allyairs Wednesday, September 27.

You can register for it here 

Engaging and full of life, Robert is a brilliant and illuminating teacher, helping you to use shamanic journeying for healing and exploration of rich creative possibilities for yourself and for our world.

During this free event, you’ll:

  • Discover how shamanic journeying to the other side can cultivate inspiration and energy for courageous living
  • Heal your relations with the departed by directly engaging them
  • Access direct experiential insights about the soul’s survival after physical death
  • Receive a taste of the “houses of death,” including glimpses of beautiful structures on the other side
  • Be led on a powerful guided journey into finding your own house of death

This promises to be a mind-expanding hour that will help you discover how to part the veils between worlds to gain direct knowledge, spiritual awareness and the understanding of how death can actually serve as a portal to a richer life.

Paul at  ChangeThatMind

(Note that  ChangeThatMind is an  affiliate of the ShiftNetwork)

P.S. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn advanced shamanic dreaming techniques from world-renowned dream expert Robert Moss, so you can journey into other realms (including the afterlife) and receive wisdom and inspiration for the here and now.

Register here for this FREE online event


Hay House World Psychic Summit -September 20-26

 You have just a short time left to watch James Van Praagh’s bonus video-lesson
Developing Your Intuitive Abilities  available only until Tuesday 19th  September 2017 11:59 PMET.
In this exclusive video made only for the World Psychic Summit, James shares:
-his own personal process for connecting to the other side
-tips and exercises to ground yourself and receive psychic insight
-His most shocking experience on stage
-how to know when you are getting a message from spirit
If you haven’t registered for free yet, the World Psychic Summit features 22 amazing intuitive
development lessons released over 7 days from September 20th –September 26th.
This week-long summit is packed with tips to help you understand the intuitive messages you receive,
meditations to ground you and clear your mind, and techniques to create energetic boundaries.
Here are some of the topics you’ll learn about:
How to get messages from the spirit world with John Holland
Using tools like oracle cards to make important decisions with Colette Baron-Reid
Explore spiritual pathways like the Qabalah with David Wells
Contact your personal spirit guides and angels with Kyle Gray
Communicate with your animal companions with Pea Horsley
See and interpret color energy with Dougall Fraser
Free yourself from negative thoughts with Teal Swan
Use numerology to uncover your life purpose with Michelle Buchanan
Understand the role archetypes play in your life with Caroline Myss
Have more confidence and trust in yourself with Lisa Williams
Access wisdom from your higher self with Marisa Moris
If you don't have time to listen to all 22 World Psychic Summit lessons live we have also made it
available for you to own for just $77 if you order before it begins (save $22).
If you order the World Psychic Summit package, Hay House  will also include 5 additional bonus products
valued over $300.
Whether you plan to listen to the summit live or own it to enjoy anytime, I know it will open many doors
for you!

Healer, Psychic, Medium: a FREE video series with James van Praagh from HayHouse

We are all born with unique gifts. Some of those gifts are easy to recognize and develop, while others make us feel different—especially those mystical gifts like intuition, healing, and mediumship.

If you’ve ever been drawn to learn more about healing, psychic intuition, or mediumship—or if you simply want to develop your natural spiritual abilities—James Van Praagh has a free video series created just for you.

James is a world-renowned medium, trusted spiritual teacher, and New York Times best-selling author of several books, including Adventures of the Soul. He’s been helping people all over the world deepen their connection to spirit and develop their spiritual gifts.

In the Explore and Strengthen Your Unique Spiritual Abilities Free Video Series, you’ll learn how to recognize and expand your unique spiritual gifts while trusting and gaining confidence in your abilities.

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, this free video is a must-see! Guiding you through incredible meditations and powerful journaling exercises to tune into spirit, James will help you use your gifts in a meaningful way. Make sure you have a pen and paper ready—you’re going to be inspired!

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By watching this video and the three additional free videos in the coming week, you can start unlocking your natural abilities. In the meantime, let James know about your experience by commenting on the video page, and please share this video with anyone you think would benefit from its message. There is much more to come! So please look for the next video in your email.

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Choose Your Reality FREE at The Ultimate Awakening Summit from YouWealthRevolution



Have you ever wanted to:

- free yourself from worry and stress?

- have love and joy more often?

- experience abundance and light?

- live a 'heart-centered' existence?

Then you'll want to check out this special quantum energy experiment

Why is it different?

In 2013 an energy experiment connected to a little-known thing called the unified quantum field and 94.2% of respondents said 'life got better'! 

This time the goal is to use this quantum 'miracle' field to transform as many people as possible and create the 'New Earth'...

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 Respondents reported a wide variety of life changes from turning on psychic powers, "feeling surrounded by miracles" and the deep happiness: 

1. "I am the happiest I have ever been"

2. "Miracles!  I am surrounded by miracles"

3. "I became a mystic and psychic"

4. "FAST transformation beyond recognition"

5. "I'm a different person"

Plus, you’ll learn and discover:

  • How to completely melt away life-draining fears, worries and even blockages to what you truly want in your life...without struggle, worry or frustration
  • The #1 mistake to avoid (it can stop rapid soul healing and transformation)
  • The VITAL Energy Healing and Transformation Rule to BREAK for FAST transformation (yes, break this rule!)

(and it's all part of a big global gathering - designed to transform millions of lives)

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P.S. This Won't Be Around Forever as this incredible event and the quantum field protocols are happening globally - FREE for a limited time 

Short on time?  Just connect because in moments your entire life could change fast, like Loraine who said:

" I can honestly say it has created a profound shift... [it's] given me my life back."

If it helped Loraine this much...what could it do for you? 


Unlocking the Secrets of Your Infinite Mind: Access Parallel Dimensions with Burt Goldman: FREE from the ShiftNetwork

What if you could learn nearly anything quickly and deeply — amazing yourself and others with the results?

And what if you could access the creative genius of your “twin self” to manifest your goals and dreams — and increase your abundance?

If this sounds like too-good-to-be-true science fiction, it’s time you were introduced to Burt Goldman and his remarkable teachings…

On Saturday, September 23, Burt will present Unlocking the Secrets of Your Infinite Mind: Access Parallel Dimensions for Rapid Learning, Healing & Unleashing Your Creative GeniusThis FREE virtual event will begin to show you how you can acquire abilities and make creative leaps that you never thought possible…

You can register here

Burt has spent the past 50 years showing the world and his students how to quickly expand their consciousness into parallel dimensions of being — to solve life’s challenges and learn and heal RAPIDLY.

During this FREE video event with him, you’ll discover:

  • How to unlock your innate ability to access parallel dimensions and learn from your “twin” self
  • The secrets to learning any skill quickly — musical instruments, writing, painting, languages and more
  • Your ability to heal illnesses and physical discomfort by “jumping” into an alternate, healthy version of YOU
  • How to use lucid dreaming and meditation to overcome obstacles and internal blocks
  • How to receive answers to any questions you have — tapping your quantum intuition for deep guidance and clarifying wisdom

During this fascinating hour, you’ll discover techniques for expanding your consciousness into other dimensions, which combine spiritual transmission, depth psychology and cognitive neuroscience.

A master of meditation, hypnotherapy, mind-power techniques and lucid dreaming, Burt Goldman will show you how to exit one reality — with all its limitations — and enter into parallel universes of possibility!

You can RSVP for free here

Paul at

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P.S. Don’t miss your chance to join Burt Goldman to receive his proven process for rapid manifestation and unlocking your true creative genius

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.



FREE Webinar on Financial Success using the Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner

Do you know what the #1 issue is that most people want to work on and improve? Not surprisingly, it's their finances...

For most people, just thinking about paying the bills brings up a lot of stress.

Whether you're someone who's deep in debt, or just getting by living paycheck to paycheck, or doing well and pushing forward to create the financial future you want but not quite there yet, I think you'd probably agree with me on this one thing...

You'd like to have more money, less stress and more freedom to be able to do what you want in your life.  Would you agree?

Well, I have a powerful resource to share with you today that will show you how to create a more abundant, stress-free, financial future, faster than you ever thought possible.

It's a powerful, life-changing webinar being run by New York Times best-selling author Nick Ortner, whose new eBook I mentioned the other day (entitled “103 Disempowering Beliefs About Money and Success and How to Eliminate Them in Minutes!”).

I highly recommend checking out this page and attending one of the webinars: 

If you've ever heard it said that successful people have certain patterns, traits, beliefs and a certain "energy" to them...that's because they do.  🙂

That's why so often you see that successful people - those who have the right subconscious patterns - can have major setbacks and even lose all their money because of one challenge or another, yet turn things around, grow and get it all back extremely quickly!

In this webinar Nick is going to show you how to use EFT Tapping to literally rewire your brain for financial success, changing the patterns, eliminating the blocks, creating the traits, belief systems and energy system for success.

This webinar may  be just  what  you need right now! 

Also, I want you to know that what Nick shares isn't just "theory."  He has coached thousands of people to improve their finances.  And most importantly, he went through a financial transformation himself, which he'll share in the

In fact, Nick went from being almost a million - yes, a MILLION - dollars in debt to completely turning it around, paying off his debt, and building a multi-million dollar business, all in just a few years.

His story is pretty remarkable, and the techniques that he'll share to transform your financial future are even more remarkable...

Get ready to eliminate your stress around money issues, and discover a way to truly become free...

Paul  at

(Note that  ChangeThatMind is an  affiliate of the Tapping Solution)

P.S. - EFT Tapping and Nick's work comes highly recommended by personal development experts like Louise Hay, Kris Carr, Cheryl Richardson, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Arielle Ford, Dr. Joseph Mercola, and so many others.  The list really does go on and on.

What you'll discover in this webinar about how the Tapping technique can rewire your brain and impact your financial future is truly life-changing.

You don't want to miss out on this...


Reclaiming Your Body’s Innate Guidance System: FREE with Suzanne Scurlock-Durana from the ShftNetwork

How would it feel to be truly comfortable and at ease in your own skin? To be able to release the residue of traumas and long-held blocks that may be highjacking your joy, creativity and vitality?

The key to experiencing this powerful shift lies in discovering how to reconnect with the deep wisdom of your body.

DoIng that can be challenging when influences from our culture, education, childhood and the past cause us to “live” in our heads or only in part of our bodies –– misreading or unaware of the signals and knowledge we’re receiving from the rest of our system.

On Tuesday, September 19, you can start to expand into your full body wisdom when you join leading conscious awareness expert Suzanne Scurlock-Durana for Reclaiming Your Body’s Innate Guidance System: How to Listen to Your Bones and 5 More Wisdom Areas to Heal Trauma & Increase Intuition.

Registration for this virtual event is free. Reserve your space now

When you join this free mini-workshop, you’ll discover:

  • Why you likely have only one or two body wisdom centers open right now — and how that undermines your access to the full spectrum of intelligence and guidance waiting within you
  • Why it’s critical to inhabit the back of your heart as much as the front
  • How your gut holds the key to your security… and how to use its wisdom correctly to know when your next step is the right one
  • How the intelligence of your bones holds the master key for deep, nourishing meditations
  • A simple practice to get quick clarity on the biggest question in your life right now

Suzanne’s focus and passion is teaching you how to draw from the power in your body wisdom areas so you can be more present, healthy, wise and joyful.

If you’ve been looking for an exciting, experiential approach to awakening, healing and living your life with true vitality, you’ll want to join Suzanne for this fascinating event!

RSVP for free here

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(Note that ChangeThatMind is an affiliate of The ShiftNetwork)

P.S. During Reclaiming Your Body’s Innate Guidance System, you’ll discover how to attune to your body’s wisdom areas to dissolve stress, pain and overwhelm — and liberate your intuition, wisdom, personal power and joy!

This event is free but requires registration. RSVP here:

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.



FREE e-book on financial success: from The Tapping Solution

We all have blind spots… things about ourselves that we just don’t see, but that seem painfully obvious to others.

And the sad thing is, they often stay in our blind-spot for years, if not a lifetime, crushing our dreams in the process.

One of the areas in which we have these blind-spots is with money and success.  We have negative and disempowering beliefs about ourselves, about the world, and about money and success itself.

Well, today I want to share with you an amazing resource that will help you to not only easily see the things in your blind-spot that are holding you back when it comes to money and success, but also learn how to eliminate them!

It’s a free eBook called “103 Disempowering Beliefs About Money and Success and How to Eliminate Them in Minutes!” and it’s by my friend, New York Times and Amazon #1 best-selling author Nick Ortner.

You can access it by going here:

Here’s why this eBook is so powerful:

1 - It actually lists 103 disempowering beliefs about money and success and takes you through an easy to follow belief discovery process that will help you to figure out exactly what beliefs are holding you back.  I think this discovery process alone is incredibly powerful, because rather than those beliefs being stuck in your blind-spot, they’re brought to your awareness so that you can eliminate them.

I think you’ll be pretty surprised at what comes up for you when you go through this simple process that takes just a few minutes.

2 - The eBook also lists 103 empowering beliefs that you can start using immediately as positive affirmations to counteract any disempowering beliefs you have.

3 - Here’s the best part…it also shows you how to use a powerful technique known as Tapping to get to the core of these disempowering beliefs, and to change them faster than any other way you’ll ever experience!

The reason it’s so effective is because Tapping works to literally rewire the brain.  Plus Tapping is incredibly effective at eliminating stress, and the area of money and success is for most people the #1 cause of stress!

So with Tapping you can eliminate the stress, rewire your brain to get rid of the disempowering beliefs, and finally bring in the money and the success you want.

Don’t delay in getting this eBook.  In just a few minutes… you can have a huge awakening in your understanding of what’s holding you back and, more importantly, a really big shift in your actual beliefs through the use of Tapping!

Don’t let the disempowering beliefs stuck in your blind-spot crush your dreams any longer!

If you want more money and success in your life, go here to get this eBook now:

Paul  at

(Note that  ChangeThatMind is an affiliate of The Tapping Solution)

P.S. - If you’re like me, you’re probably incredibly curious to know which of the 103 disempowering beliefs are currently holding you back!  🙂  You have to check it out for yourself to find out.  Go here to get access:


An Ayurvedic Approach to Autoimmune Conditions: FREE live podcast from Lifespa

According to Ayurveda, the immune system depends on awareness. If blood, lymph or venous circulation along with nervous system innervation is blocked in any way, the body’s communication tools can be compromised.

Without awareness or communication, the immune system will not be able to recognize problems as problems. Overtime, problems escalate and the immune system is forced to respond in an overzealous fashion – which is labeled an autoimmune condition.

The Ayurvedic approach to managing autoimmunity is to restore a healthy level of inner awareness.

Join Dr John Douillard as he dives into the very complex world of autoimmunity made simple by Ayurveda.

Airing Monday, September 11th @ 5:30 Mountain Time

(4:30pm Pacific, 6:30pm Central, 7:30 Eastern United States)


The Self-Acceptance Summit: buy the summit package from SoundsTrue

I hope you can  join me at the Self-Acceptance Summit! With many presentations still to come, there’s still so much to look forward to in the free broadcast.

If this Summit has been valuable to you, or if you’ve missed any sessions, here’s a special offer:

Receive Lifetime Access to the Self-Acceptance Summit! 

When you purchase the upgrade package for the Self-Acceptance Summit  you’ll own every session of the Summit, yours to revisit anytime in your ongoing journey.

With the upgrade package, you’ll receive full downloads of each presentation (more than 37 hours); written transcripts; additional bonuses from each of the presenters; a free video training from Dr. Kelly McGonigal, a free audio course from Adyashanti, and a free copy of The Self-Acceptance Project book.

For a limited time, you can receive this upgrade package at special price of $147!  

What’s even better? Sounds True is offering an One-for-One Donation program. When you purchase the Self-Acceptance Summit, Sounds True will donate one upgrade package of the complete Summit to an individual in need.

Treat yourself today—and another being—towards self-acceptance.

take care

Paul at ChangeThatMind

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Discover the Secrets to Accelerating Your Evolution with Satyen Raja: FREE from the ShiftNetwork

How would it feel for you to shift from fear to confidence, insecurity to boldness, and shame to a deep sense of self-worth?

The key to experiencing this powerful shift –– along with the new freedom, love and joy that accompanies it –– is to dissolve the polarities within you that create your feelings of unworthiness and lack.

On Wednesday, September 13, you can begin to liberate yourself from these old blocks when you join leading spiritual teacher, coach and martial artist Satyen Raja for Discover the Secrets to Accelerating Your Evolution: 3 Radical Methods to Dissolve Your Blocks to Spiritual Fulfillment, Loving Relationships & Financial Flow.

Registration for this virtual event is free, and all registrants will receive a link to the recording.

Reserve your space now

During this hour-long session, you’ll discover:

  • A proven method for feeling peaceful, clear and grounded at any moment — and one that won’t take you hours of practice
  • How to embody the best character traits of your heroes, from the compassion of Mother Theresa to the big thinking of Elon Musk
  • Practices that dissolve limiting modes of thought and create real happiness, success, authentic self-expression and love (and how you can use these practices to help others!)
  • An immediate technique to dissolve lifelong, limiting beliefs in minutes — rather than weeks or years
  • How you can become your own guru, and access deep insights and your authentic truth

Satyen Raja has developed extremely powerful, proven processes for accelerated growth and expanded consciousness, based on his many years as a martial artist, coach and consultant.

These radical teachings will accelerate your growth and lead you into equanimity, peace, and a sense of groundedness (no matter what’s happening outside of you)! 

RSVP for free here

Paul at ChangeThatMind

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P.S. During Discover the Secrets to Accelerating Your Evolution, you’ll discover how to dissolve the opposing polarities within you –– freeing your vital life-force energy, authentic wisdom, innate power and conscious choice.

This event is free but requires registration. RSVP here

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.


Ageless Goddess Secrets: A FREE video series by Dr Christiane Northrup

Getting older can be a rich opportunity to enjoy pleasure, vibrant health and creative freedom beyond anything you’ve ever imagined. You can live a full and rewarding life when you know how to truly take care of yourself.

In her FREE video series, Dr. Christiane Northrup shares some of her best Ageless Goddess secrets to help you grasp the inherent power and freedom that comes with growing older.

Learn how your thoughts affect your body and how you can change your beliefs so you can grow older without aging.

Watch Her Free Video Now!

If you like what you have learned, leave me a message in the comments section on her video page.

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'Can Astrology Unlock the Secrets of the Cosmos?' with Stanislav Grof & Rick Tarnas: FREE webinar from the ShiftNetwork

Astrology has been given a bad rap by academia…

Yet a deeper understanding of astrology can help us navigate our times of greatest challenge and point the way to hidden resources.

Stanislav Grof, the founder of transpersonal psychology, and noted philosopher Rick Tarnas agree that archetypal astrology offers a unique and precise way to explore the depths of our psyche and the patterns that govern our culture.

On Saturday, September 16, these two renowned intellects will show you how to harness the power of archetypal astrology to deeply understand yourself AND make meaning of our times during their FREE online event, Is Archetypal Astrology the Rosetta Stone of the Human Psyche? Illuminating Your Depths, Navigating Our Times.

You can register here

Their work goes beyond “sun-sign” pop astrology to address the larger tectonic forces at the depths of the psyche, a subject that C. G. Jung also explored in depth.

During this fascinating hour, Grof and Tarnas will share:

  • How archetypal astrology shifts us beyond linear causation to a more synchronistic view compatible with an interconnected, meaningful, and intelligent universe
  • Why history seems to repeat itself; for instance, why is the United States in such a state of political tumult right now and how does it connect to other times of tumult such as the 1960s?
  • How astrology can give you a deeper sense of the meaning behind times of real challenges such as spiritual emergencies and “dark nights of the soul”… and how to tap into the wisdom of astrology to navigate through them
  • Why astrology is an invaluable tool to support your deepest explorations with non-ordinary states of consciousness

You’ll begin to see how astrology can help shift your perception of the universe from random and capricious to intelligent and orderly, leaving you feeling blessed instead of stressed!

So do join these two celebrated intellectuals as they lead you into a deeper understanding of life, new awareness of the underlying forces at work in our depths, and a healing recognition that we live in an “ensouled” universe.

You can RSVP for free here

Paul at  ChangeThatMind

(Note that  ChangeThatMind is an affiliate of the ShiftNetwork)

P.S. Don’t miss your chance to join Stanislav Grof and Rick Tarnas to discover how the wisdom of archetypal astrology can help you deeply understand yourself and the nature of reality.

RSVP here to participate for free

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.


Loving Yourself: a FREE video series by Louise Hay & friends at HayHouse

Your relationship with yourself affects everything in your life. So, if you are feeling stuck in difficult relationships, an unsatisfying career, unhealthy habits or even financial disparity, mirror work is a wonderful way to go deep within and heal so that more of what you want can come into your life.

Louise Hay discovered that positive affirmations work best when you look into your own eyes in a mirror and repeat these affirmations often. This is what she has coined, “Mirror Work” and she’s been the pioneer of this life-changing practice ever since. Louise discovered the power of the mirror work technique first-hand to heal from a traumatic childhood, low self-esteem and even used it to heal herself of cancer. As she practiced mirror work, her self-esteem improved and is responsible for her successful business and rewarding life.

In this first video, Robert Holden, Ph.D., shares one of Louise’s foundational mirror work exercises to help you begin a self-love journey that will forever change the way you see yourself, how you see others, and ultimately, how you see the world.

Robert is the best-selling author of several books, Director of the Happiness Project and Success Intelligence, a business coach for top corporations, and has worked closely with Louise Hay and her mirror work technique. He’s sharing several mirror work exercises in his free video series to help you learn the gifts that come from loving yourself.
Watch This Video Now!

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The World Psychic Summit 2017; FREE from Hay House #psychicweek

When you speak to someone, can you tell how they’re feeling without them ever telling you? You might even be able to sense the vibe in a room the moment you walk in. Maybe you’re finding that penny with your loved one’s birth year in the most unexpected places

Sometimes that nagging feeling is just so strong that you’re sure there’s something to it, but sometimes it just feels like your imagination might be taking you for a ride.

With all the noise of day to day life, is it just that some of us are too sensitive and we let the outside world cloud our energy? Who knows, it might just be a wonderful coincidence and surely there’s plenty of pennies to go around so that’s why you see them everywhere. And sure, that insistent feeling might have been right in the past, but sometimes when you need it most, there’s just nothing.

But what if there’s something to it?

We’ve all felt or experienced at least one of the scenarios above. If you’ve ever been accused of being
overly sensitive or emotional, then you might just be an empath or a highly sensitive individual. And isn’t
it comforting to know that maybe your passed loved one is leaving you little signs that they’re okay, but
what other signs might you be missing? Whether it’s a gut feeling or intuition, it would b e great if it were at least a bit more consistent.
Given all that,  Hay House has brought together some of the foremost experts in this arena to help you develop your
own unique ability to listen to the messages around you and live in the world as a highly sensitive individual.
You won’t want to miss the Hay House World Psychic Summit. It features amazing teachings from some
of the world’s best psychics, mediums, and intuitive teachers like James Van Praagh, Sonia Choquette,
John Holland, Colette Baron Reid, John Edward and many more.
This week long summit is packed with tips to receive intuitive messages clearly, meditations to ground
you and clear your mind, and techniques to develop your natural intuitive abilities and create energetic
It’s FREE for you to listen to online from September 20– September 26. All you have to do is sign up and get it on your calendar.
It’s still a few days before the event begins, but Hay House has made sure to give you a small taste of the
World Psychic Summit before it all starts.
When you sign up now, you can access a bonus video with world famous psychic medium, James Van Praagh where he shares his process for connecting to the other side and receiving psychic messages. And as James says, everyone is psychic to one degree or  another so you don’t want to wait and miss this video.
Open your heart. Open your soul. Get ready to feel, sense, and see. See you at the Hay House World
Psychic Summit.
Paul  at
(Note that  ChangeThatMind is an  affiliate of Hay  House)

You Can Own the World Psychic Package for Only $77

If you don't think you’ll have time to enjoy all 22 lessons available during the week of the Summit or if
you want to listen to them over a nd over again, you can purchase all 22 lessons for just $77. You’ll save
$22 if you purchase before the World Psychic Summit starts on September 20th.
Plus  you’ll receive over $300 in bonus gifts to help you apply these lessons to your life all year round.
Whether you order the World Psychic Summit today or experience it FREE during the week of
September 20th– 26th, I promise you will see huge shifts in your daily life and I’m excited to hear your

Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Successful Life Coach: FREE from Christy Whitman


Harvard Business Review reports that it is a $1 BILLION-a-year industry.

Forbes says it’s one of America’s most surprising six-figure jobs.

And a study conducted by Right Management Consultants revealed that 86% of companies use it.

So what’s the “it?”         Coaching, of course!

If you dream of:

Being your own boss

  • Working from home
  • Setting your own schedule
  • Determining your own fees
  • Choosing your clients
  • And changing people’s lives forever

Coaching may be the right career path for you.

To learn more, download Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Successful Life Coach, Christy Whitman’s e-book.

Christy is the CEO and founder of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, a 12-month Law of Attraction coaching certification program. She has helped thousands of people worldwide to achieve their goals through her empowerment seminars, speeches, and coaching sessions and products.

She’s also a leading transformational teacher, Law of Attraction expert, and New York Times best-selling author.

I think it’ll  be well worth your time.

Tip ..... page 12 includes a quick quiz to help you figure out if coaching is right for you.

Get your e-book here.

Paul  at

(note that  ChangeThatMind is an affiliate of Christy Whitman)

P.S. You’ll also get access to Christy’s new 5-part online coach workshop, where you’ll discover how to build a thriving new career as a life coach … earning up to $200/hr. and changing lives.

Register for the workshop and e-book here.

Or access Christy's great  5 free videos about coaching here

Video #1 – Become a Life Coach to Fulfill Your Purpose, Passion & Financial Desires

Video #2 – Top 10 Attributes of & Reasons to Become a Successful Coach

Video #3 – The 10 Most Common Misperceptions About Becoming A Coach

Video #4 – Case Studies from Real People Whose Lives Are Transformed by the QSCA

Video #5 – How You Can Become a Life Coach and Start Making $200+ Per Hour In 90 Days or Less

Get your  access here.



Energy Medicine:The Secrets of a Master Practitioner: by Donna Eden & David Feisntein from MindValley

They  say  the  cruelest form of starvation is to tie someone up and put a banquet before them, inches out of reach.

Health is such a banquet, and for countless people, it is being held out of reach.

They'll do anything to stay healthy; only they don’t know why they can’t.

If you're one of them, this list might hold the clue to the why.

These are the findings of a study by a team of researchers, led by Drs. Gary Null, PhD and Carolyn Dean MD, ND.

==> 1. An estimated nine million Americans are unnecessarily hospitalized every year.

==> 2. About 750,000 deaths occur in the United States alone as a direct result of poor medical care.

==> 3. Every year, 20 million unnecessary prescriptions are written for antibiotics to treat minor VIRAL infections.

==> And there are more.

The point is... if your plan for securing your health is based on Western Medicine alone...

This list is scary.

Little wonder that alternative medicine modalities are so hot these days — people are hungry for something new.

But one particular field of alternative medicine has seen tremendous growth.

It is sneaking its way into hospitals, surgery rooms, medical clinics, insurance companies and even medical schools.

Can you guess what it is?

Energy Medicine - the science and art of optimizing your energies to help your body and mind function at their best.

That's why I'm excited to let you know of a brand new Masterclass at Mindvalley Academy called...

Energy Medicine: The Secrets Of A Master Practitioner >>

all the very best in  health

Paul at

(Note that  ChangeThatMind is an affiliate of MindValley)


The ADVANCED Ho’oponopono Certification Course with Joe Vitale

The Advanced Ho’oponopono Certification Course

The Breakthrough Advanced Ho’oponopono Course is finally here!

Clear Away Stress, Negative Emotions, and Limiting Beliefs Quickly with…

 Dr. Joe Vitale and Mathew Dixon, AND

Featuring Dr. Steve G. Jones, Dr. Mary Oz, AND Many Others!

(Dr. Joe Vitale just put the finishing touches on this advanced training.)


Paul  at

(Note that ChangeThatMind is an  Affiliate of Joe Vitale)

PS - Two important things to note:

1.) This training is advanced and is not for everyone.

2.) This training could change your life.

[Full Details Here]


'Brilliant Health' by Paul R Scheele

You want great health. But how do you achieve it?
You know about eating healthful food, supplements, exercise, meditation, balanced emotions, etc. You are probably doing some if not all of these things. Right?!
But there is something you might be overlooking that could give you even greater vitality, long life, and robust health.
We all have these incredible resources, but we often leave them to their own devices…or maybe happenstance…or maybe we are triggered by other people or the news or work or situations in life (you get the idea).
Research funded by the National Institute of Health suggests, "interventions that target non-conscious processes and are less reliant on reflective, conscious engagement have significant potential for changing behavior across populations."
Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D., co-founder of Learning Strategies, has been studying the workings of the genius mind for four decades.
Paul knows how to help you rally your internal resources. He knows how to get your nonconscious mind to support your hopes and dreams instead of sabotaging them.
In the new Brilliant Health video program, Paul addresses simple things you can do immediately to bridge the gap from the conscious mind to the nonconscious mind.
This gets you out of limited thinking and into a reality of connection where the incredible power of your nonconscious mind works in your best interest continually.
Get your Free Pass to hear and see Pa
Click here for Free Pass
Brilliant Health gives you specific things you can do right now to improve your health,
especially your physical, emotional, and mental health
in six fun and fascinating video sessions
Taking Back Your Health – Saturday, August 26
You have more control of your health than you might realize. It is not about simply going to the doctor when things are wrong. Your host, Paul Scheele, shows you countless things you can do right now to live a healthy, balanced, and energetic life.
Mental Stress & Anxiety: Finding emotional balance and well-being– Sunday, August 27
Stress causes most of our health issues. You've heard that over and over in the last 20 years.
Stress leads to anxiety. It all leads to unbalanced emotions that sabotage your life and agitate everyone around you.
In this session Paul Scheele gives you the quickest and easiest ways to reduce mental stress, anxiety, and emotional torment.
You might ask, If others can, why can't you? You can. You may simply need guidance to have your nonconscious balance your life.
Your Ideal Weight: Getting it right and keeping it right– Monday, August 28
Being overweight is one of the leading causes of sickness in our society. People simply over-eat and under-exercise.
It is also more than that, because as you've probably experienced in your life so far, common stresses and anxieties can pack on the pounds.
In this session Paul shows you how to align your life with your nonconscious mind. Part of his conversation will be how to use Paraliminal sessions to reach and maintain your ideal weight.
Sleep: Take charge of the night for better rest, total revitalization, productive dreaming, and effective problem solving– Tuesday, August 29
We are sleep deprived says the experts.
One of the simplest things we can do to improve our health and well-being is to consistently get a good night sleep. Paul will give you tips, tricks, and strategies to help you.
Plus you will learn how to use your sleep and your dreams to enhance your life. Dreams are not just for pleasant or weird nighttime entertainment. They are a valuable resource for insights and information from your nonconscious mind reaching out, so you may as well access this portal to support your health goals.
Beyond Illness, Disease, and Pain– Wednesday, August 30
Being sick is miserable. Dealing with pain is worse.
Paul will show you how to take the misery out of being sick and the suffering out of pain.
This will make it a lot easier to move beyond a challenge or illness so your body can heal itself, especially with the support of any medical professionals you might be working with.
Aging with Vitality and Grace– Thursday, August 31
You are older right now than you were when you started reading about Brilliant Health.
Time marches on.
Paul will show you how NOT to let time become a slow road to death.
This session of Brilliant Health helps you age with vitality and grace so that your future years are infinitely more rewarding than your past years.
It is not about hanging on to youth, but enjoying a life well lived until it's time to move on.
The final conversation will be, Where Do We Go From Here?– Friday, September 1
You will learn so much from Paul during Brilliant Health and gain a myriad of great, health-giving ideas.
Paul will help you put it all together so Brilliant Health becomes a way of being. So your health is not just about one problem after another. So you look optimistically at how your body, mind, and emotions can serve you and your aspirations. So you live a happy and joyous (and more productive) life.

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Paul also tells you specifically how to use his proprietary and unique Paraliminal technology to supercharge your efforts
Paraliminal technology involves listening to audio sessions that are about 20 minutes in length. During these sessions, Paul guides your nonconscious mind to learn new strategies to respond to what is going on around you.
They are remarkably effective because of Paul's immense expertise in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and his ability to help you create a direct path to the nonconscious.
You see, when you listen to a Paraliminal session, whether it is Perfect Health, Recover & Reenergize, Ideal Weight, Anxiety-Free, or any of the 46 different programs, you will hear a voice in each ear speaking to different parts of the brain.
This effectively activates your "whole mind," giving you direct access to the nonconscious without your conscious mind getting in the way.
Many Paraliminals do their job in just one listening session and some require multiple uses.
During Brilliant Health Paul shares the inside secrets from those who have used Paraliminals most effectively.
A free online event for your health and well-being
You can watch Paul Scheele's six video sessions of Brilliant Health over six days beginning on Saturday, August 26.
Each session is around an hour. You will experience mini-meditations and closed-eye visualizations and learn about mental processes you can use immediately. You will explore physical practices such as "tapping" and "educational kinesiology." You'll learn about shifts you can easily make that support a healthy, balanced, and energetic life.
Paul Scheele is as funny as he is brilliant, so the time will zip by, and you are sure to pick up advice that will make every minute more than worthwhile.
And if you already use Paraliminals, you'll get great insights for using them more effectively to support your life. If you are new to Paraliminals, you'll have your eyes open to a powerful way to direct your nonconscious mind to brilliant health.
And if you never listen to a Paraliminal, you'll still gain tremendous insights to help you live more intentionally and healthfully day in and day out.
Many of you have heard from me about Learning Strategies and their unique material to help people achieve their life goals – especially their Paraliminals (they have sold millions). Take advantage of their FREE event today:
Click here for Free Pass
To your health!
Paul  at
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11 Days of Global Unity: FREE registration: September 11-21

11 Days of Global Unity will help listeners transcend darkness and fear by highlighting the light and love-filled efforts that are working to bring more unity to our planet…
When you share this important initiative with your community they'll discover insights and skills that can be applied to their daily life — in their family, friendships, business partnerships and service in the world — through 11 Campaigns for Change during this 11-Day event (September 11-21).
Register at  for this great  event

Tim Kelley & the Power of Voice Dialogue: FREE from the Shift Network

Turn your clients’ internal foes into allies for transformation
Powerful Voice Dialogue Event For YOU!

If you’re a coach, therapist or healer, you’ve probably experienced frustration when your well-intentioned efforts to help a client hit up against “something” that’s not on board with the change they’ve hired you to facilitate.

It’s frustrating for you… and your client.

Yet, what if you had a method for “getting underneath” their resistance and even turning it into an ally?

Yes, there’s actually a way for your clients to relate to the different parts of themselves that are out of alignment with the transformation they’re seeking….

And on Saturday, September 9, Tim Kelley will offer a profoundly helpful set of insights to do just that during a free virtual event: The Power of Voice Dialogue: Advanced Techniques to Dissolve Limiting Beliefs, Transform the Psyche & Unlock the Deeper Potential Within You and Others.

You can reserve your free space here

Tim will be sharing a process based on the inner harmonization of the psyche’s disparate voices and turning apparent “foes,” like the inner critic, into allies. If you don’t know Tim, he’s a globally respected change agent who’s taught life-changing transformation skills to thousands of people — from billionaires and CEOs to coaches and social change agents.

During this call, you’ll:

  • Begin to recognize and act from the knowledge that each part of your client’s psyche contains gifts that can be devoted to the service of healing, growth and fulfilling their higher purpose
  • Gain insights into the skills needed to mentor these inner parts and bring them together into a coherent and empowering team
  • Discover how to uplevel the strategies used by different parts in order to achieve their highest goals
  • Expand your ability to work with the psyche’s natural protector parts, so that you’re not fighting with them, but instead are aligned with their goals for your client

If you’re ready to help your clients bring more of their life force, insights and skills into fulfilling their highest vision for their life, I highly recommend this free session!

Paul at  ChangeThatMind.cvom

(Note that ChangeThatMind is an  affiliate of the ShiftNetwork)

P.S. Don’t miss your chance to experience a process to unleash the transformative power available through Voice Dialogue work… with benefits for your clients’ lives and your own.

Find out more and get your free pass here:

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.


Discover your empath gifts & learn how to be an empowered Empath, with Dr. Judith Orloff from SoundsTrue

Have you ever been called overly sensitive? Do you absorb other people’s energy? You could be an empath!


Arhtritis!: The #1 reason for disability in the world: A FREE summit lead by Dr Susan Blum from HealthTalks Online

Arthritis Summit

Is joint pain hampering your life? Have you been told your pain is permanent?

Fortunately, we’ve discovered many of the reasons why people get inflammation (and arthritis, which isn’t just a condition in our older population).

Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed or have been living with joint pain for decades--especially those with rheumatoid or osteoarthritis--join us to regain hope that pain is not your destiny!

Register for The Arthritis Summit

Your host, Dr. Susan Blum, has not only helped many people worldwide heal from joint pain and arthritis, she has also healed her own condition.

She’s here to show that by treating the root causes of inflammation, you may be able to return to a life that’s pain and medication free!

Register for FREE now here

Or you  can help  HealthTalk Online's mission by owning all of the expert talks to watch at your own pace (plus, your purchase helps to create more of these valuable health talks!):

The Arthritis Summit will teach you about:
Nutritional advice and the role of the microbiome
Stress and inflammation connection (and what to do about it!)
Infections and toxins that might be triggering symptoms
How to avoid unnecessary medications (and regain hope!)
Supplements and treatments that can truly be helpful
And more!


for a painfree life!

Paul  at

(Note that changethatmind is an affiliate of HealthTalks Online)

P.S. It’s true, every purchase made helps HealthTalks Online continue to reach people struggling to live healthier lives. I thank you in advance for your support: 


A Return to Love: a FREE video series by Marianne Williamson from HayHouse

Do you continually catch yourself reacting from a place of fear, scarcity or anxiety? In a world where so much is happening all the time, many of us are so stressed and confused that our thoughts and actions come from a place of fear and anxiety. Most of us are driven in the ego realm and separate from our light.

Today we would like to share with you that in these situations there is another way. We can choose love and live in infinite peace.

In her free video series, spiritual teacher, author and lecturer Marianne Williamson discusses how her own life experiences and feelings of being lost led her to discover the teachings of A Course in Miracles and eventually write her own reflections on those principles in A Return to Love to help others remove barriers and find the love within themselves.

In the first free video, A Return to Love, you’ll discover that when you use a thought system based on love, you strengthen your connection with your deeper self and open up opportunities for success and abundance.

By explaining her own background and personal experiences with practicing the principles of A Course in Miracles, Marianne is able to show you how you can start to live a non-judgmental and happy life by applying a simple thought process. Along with this video is a free downloadable journal to help you get started on your journey toward peace.

Watch Now!

Paul  at

Note that  ChangeThatMind is an  affiliate of HayHouse


50% off Meditation & Affirmation products! -3 days only from Hay House

You 50% off on HayHouse  Meditation & Affirmation products listed in the new Hay House Meditation & Affirmation catalog (28th to 31st  August only). Access your 50% discount here !

You will also receive:

  • Free Shipping on Orders over $25.00 or more* (U.S. only)
  • Free audio download of Wayne Dyer’s Change Your Thoughts Meditation with a minimum purchase of $35.00 or more.Power Thought Cards: A 64-Card Deck by Louise Hay

Featuring items from some of your favorite authors, such as Louise Hay, Esther & Jerry Hicks, Davidji, Wayne Dyer and so many more!

  Secrets of Meditation Revised Edition by davidji I AM Wishes Fulfilled Meditation by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

*Free shipping limited to orders shipping in the U.S. only and applies to online purchases only while stocks last.

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Teleyears: Discover how well you're aging, & improve it: (U.S. only)


TeloYears is a simple, accurate DNA test that lets you track your cellular age based on your telomere length.


Telomere Length Can Change

Inside all your cells, at the ends of your DNA are protective caps called telomeres. They shorten with age. But can also change with certain lifestyles, both good and bad.

Monitor The Vitality Of Your Cells

You should know that there are steps you can take to help slow down the clock on the aging process. But if you don't measure it, you can't manage it

Learn more about TeloYears here, or watch  the video below

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Psychology of Success Diploma Course; from the Centre of Excellence

What will you learn?
The Psychology of Success Diploma Course  from the Centre of Excellence talks of everything that successful people have learned in order to get where they are. It also talks about success itself and explores why society, may have different ideas of what you need in order to be truly happy.

You will learn how to find success in your own life, along with how to set yourself up as a coach, and help others identify, work towards and achieving their own potential.

What is different about successful people, who seem to manage to succeed in everything that they do, whilst others struggle and eventually give up? Successful people have learned certain habits and have an approach that propels them forward to get to their own perfect place, life or environment.

The Psychology of Success Diploma Course starts by looking at the definition of success and how this is different for each individual. The course then looks at how society conditions us to think of success, along with how to break the hold that this conditioning has on us.

Students will learn the neuroscience involved with the thinking patterns of both success and self-sabotage. The biology of the brain and the predominant thinking patterns can affect or even change it for the better are discussed. It is the behaviours that stem from problematic thinking that are the biggest saboteurs to success, with relationship problems, insecurity, lack of self-belief, lack of general motivation and even procrastination being areas that, once understood, can be overcome and allow successful thinking to emerge.

The course talks about how to truly understand the thought processes and damaging learning experiences that have been stored within the mind and how to differentiate these from our true personality. A major stumbling block against success is self-limitation. You will learn how to separate yourself into different areas and gain a true understanding of yourself and how capable you are.

The course explores the mindset and personality aspects of human beings. We discuss traits of people who succeed in achieving their dreams and we also take a look at some people that tried hard, sometimes for many years, before their success really took hold in their lives.

Looking at the way you look at the world is directly related to your mindset but also to your consciousness as a whole. We show you some tried and tested success habits that can be practised in your own life.

Having learnt about the Psychology of Success for yourself, the final module explains how to pass this knowledge onto others, to help them find their personal success, by becoming a success coach.

Read more about it and sign  up here!


Attachment and Enactment: The Therapist's & Patient's Multiple Selves in Psychotherapy; by David Wallin PhD, FREE from SoundsTrue

We are excited to continue our ongoing Psychotherapy Masterclass series next week with David Wallin, PhD on Attachment and Enactment: The Therapist's and Patient's Multiple Selves in Psychotherapy

You can register for this all-new Psychotherapy Masterclass here.

Sounds True's Psychotherapy Masterclass series is offered free of charge. The series features some of the most respected therapists who are presenting their latest research and teachings.

Each Masterclass will go deep into a specific topic and is meant as a starting point for further study and exploration.

The next Masterclass, Attachment and Enactment: The Therapist's and Patient's Multiple Selves in Psychotherapy, will feature David Wallin, PhD. He is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Albany and Mill Valley, California who has been practicing, teaching, and writing about psychotherapy for more than three decades. His most recent book, Attachment in Psychotherapy, has been translated into ten languages.

SoundsTrue invite you to register here to join us for this special topic and training.

Kind regards

Paul  at


The Hidden Key to Finding True Intimacy & Lifelong Love by Ken Page: FREE form the ShiftNetwork

Creating lasting, soul-filling love is one of the great missions of our lives — but that beautiful goal can sometimes feel almost impossible to attain.

Why is that so?

According to psychotherapist Ken Page, LCSW, acclaimed author of the bestselling book, Deeper Dating: How to Drop the Games of Seduction and Discover the Power of Intimacyit’s because you’ve been handed the wrong map to love!

We’re constantly told that we have to become someone different to succeed in love. And nothing could be further from the truth!

In fact, the parts of yourself you’ve been taught to hide actually hold your unique intimacy-genius! Ken calls these parts your Core Gifts, and they are the greatest key to finding and growing the love you dream of.

On Saturday, August 26, Ken will teach you how to discover your own life-changing Core Intimacy Gifts during a FREE virtual mini-workshop for everyone — coupled or single — who desires profound, lasting love.

You can find out more and register here for How Your Deepest Insecurities Reveal Your Greatest Gifts: The Hidden Key to Finding True Intimacy & Lifelong Love

Combining timeless spiritual truths with the best of human intimacy theory and groundbreaking research, the insights in this workshop have the power to change your future!

In this exciting virtual mini-workshop, you’ll discover:

  • The 3 simple questions you need to ask yourself to discover your innate intimacy genius
  • The most powerful practice for transforming your relationship — or your search for love
  • How your passion for deeper intimacy can heal your life
  • How your deepest insecurities reveal your greatest gifts
  • How to tell which relationships lead to love and which lead to pain

Ken is known as one of the most insightful and compassionate teachers in this field. Please don’t miss this workshop — it will fill you with hope and give you powerful tools you’ve probably never learned before.

It’s free to attend, but you must RSVP here

Pau at

(Note that  Changethatmind is an affiliate of the ShiftNetwork)

P.S. Everyone who registers for How Your Deepest Insecurities Reveal Your Greatest Gifts: The Hidden Key to Finding True Intimacy & Lifelong Love will also receive the audio recording, if you can’t listen live. 

Give yourself the gift of this important event. And please share this with all your friends — it’s for everyone! Save your space here


The American Evolution Eclipse Meditation; August 21, 2017: FREE from the ShiftNetwork

With 7 million people traveling to the “zone of totality” and almost 200 million Americans able to see a partial eclipse, the Great American Eclipse will be a massive event for the United States.  

It’s the ONLY total eclipse to cross our whole country and no other since our nation began! 

We see this as a golden opportunity to reconnect with our deeper values and commit to healing, uplifting and unifying our country. 

That’s why we’re launching a special American Evolution Eclipse Meditation program on Monday. 

We’re inviting people to gather outdoors in community circles for the entire time the eclipse is underway. 

RSVP here to participate in the American Evolution Eclipse Meditation, August 21, 2017 

Our intention is to use this time to connect with our founding ideals, heal our divides, and move forward with positive actions in service to creating an upgrade to American democracy. 

Before the total eclipse makes landfall, we begin at 9:04 am Pacific with an 80-minute program featuring inspiring leaders including Marianne Williamson, Grandmother Mona Polacca, Stephen Dinan, Sandra Ingerman, Oscar Miro-Quesada, Rev. Sylvia Sumter, and Andrew Harvey. 

They will help you to attune to the deeper potential in this moment, amplify your positive intentions, and understand the eclipse from a higher perspective. 

You can then engage in prayer, meditation, and other spiritual practices with friends and neighbors to create a spirit of new possibility, closing with gratitude and commitments to action. 
Almost every culture ascribes symbolic meaning to solar eclipses, ranging from fearsome breakdowns to unexpected breakthroughs. 
We invite you to join with us to use this unique opportunity to support an upgrade of our democracy through small circles of concerned citizens.  And if you live in another country, we invite you to join in solidarity and pray for the upliftment of the United States. 
RSVP here to participate: American Evolution Eclipse Meditation, August 21, 2017. 

And please do spread the word widely! 

With care
Paul at
PS - We particularly encourage circles that mix people of different races, religions, and political orientations as a fulfillment of our motto, E Pluribus Unum. If you gather in a park, we encourage you to place a sign out to welcome anyone who may pass by so they know what you are doing and that they are welcome. 
Together, we can make America a shining example for the world and create an American Evolution to build on the American Revolution! 

RSVP here to participate:

American Evolution Eclipse Meditation, August 21, 2017.


Dr Murray's Digestive Health Summit: FREE registration

Has your gut been an issue for years? , Still trying to figure out how to heal your gut and eliminate the root causes of your digestive issues?

You are not alone…

“My biggest challenge is to know WHAT to eat. I know to eat unprocessed real food, but what about yogurt or tofu? I eat LOTS of home-grown vegetables both raw and sautéed. It seems to take many hours for my stomach to digest my food.  I'm tired all the time!  I'm told that I'll have LOTS of energy on a whole-foods diet.  So far I have not experienced an increase in energy.  HELP!” - Nancy S.

“Because my allergies are so extensive at this point I am unable to do things to heal my gut - eg probiotics make me feel stressed. Bone broths make me feel tired /sleepy/ fatigued. Glutamine makes me severely fatigued.” - Lidija K.

“My challenge is to balance the healing with eating a nutritious diet. If I am having heartburn I literally stop eating for about 2 days and when I do eat I am afraid to eat something that will bring the heartburn back again. For example I do not digest protein well, I cannot do too many carbs either and I cannot live on just fats. Also I do not digest many vegetables well and because I also have thyroid issues I am encouraged to stay away from cruciferous vegetable. There is nothing left to eat. My fear is that I am nutrient deficient because of my digestive issues.” Maizy W.

“How to restore my microbiome from damage incurred 27 years ago when I was on 7 rounds of antibiotics in one year.  After the antibiotics I developed CFS and then gut problems over the years.” - Kristel W.

Over 100 million Americans alone suffer from digestive complaints.

And one of the most important things I’ve learned over the years, and I’ve learned it well…Is that when it comes to your health, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer.

Your digestive system is as unique as you are. And so are your symptoms and level of knowledge about healing your digestive issues.

In just a few days,Dr. Michael Murray, will be hosting the Digestive Health Summit, and you're invited!

Click Here to register for the Digestive Health Summit.:He’s known by many as the “Voice of Natural Medicine” – and he’s been helping people heal their digestive issues for over 30 years.

And when you register for your free seat, if you take a moment to tell him a little bit about your situation, he’ll be able to customize your Summit experience…

So that you can get all of YOUR gut health questions answered during the Summit.

Paul  at

(Note that ChangeThatMind is an affiliate of Doctor Murray)

P.S. If you’re sick of being overwhelmed by all the conflicting information out there about digestive health, then I know you’re going to love this Summit!


The Kasina by Mindplace: A Review by ChangeThatMind

Review of the Mindplace Kasina by  Paul  at

10th August  2017

I was fortunate to be offered the opportunity to undertake a review of the Kasina, with  Mindplace supplying me with  a refurbished machine free to explore..

Priced at  $349  U.S., the Kasina system consists of  a pair of “Ganzframe” (ganzfeld effect frames)  glasses and an MP3 device with  headphones . Wikipedia notes that ‘A flickering ganzfeld causes geometrical patterns and colors to appear, and this is the working principle for mind machines ...The ganzfeld effect can also elicit hallucinatory percepts in many people, in addition to an altered state of consciousness’. Budzynsk (1991)  notes that  ‘Mind machines can induce deep states of relaxation concentration, and in some cases altered states of consciousness, which have been compared to those obtained from meditation and shamanic exploration.’  The glasses have six colored LEDs per eye (3 blue, 2 green and 1 red LED per eye),  which are activated by  coding in  the mp3 music installed on  the micro-SD memory card that  comes with the system. The mp3 player has  a pre-installed  rechargeable battery which can be charged via a mini-usb cable ( included) or directly from mains power.

Mindplace claim  the Kasina is the most capable AudioStrobe decoder on the market due to its 16 different color mapping presets. AudioStrobe is a method of encoding light control signals to the Ganzframes within an audio file.

There are 46 sound and light sessions pre-installed on the micro-SD card in six categories: ‘Accelerate’, Meditate, ‘MindArt’, Night Voyage’, Rejuvenate’, and ‘Trance’.  The patterns from  the Ganzfield’  glasses are seen  with the eyes closed. Some are amazing and elaborate sound and light performances, while others have simple binaural  or isochronic sound pulsing and associated light effects. Most sessions are around 30 minutes long.

I found particularly that  the ‘cheer-up’  session did in fact cheer me up  in  a very  relaxed and cheerful  kind of way, and others just  spaced me out!

Many of the visual  patterns created by  the LED glasses can result in  your mind creating its own exciting visual  experiences from the patterns created.

Mindplace also include software on the micro-SD card you can  download to your PC to  create your own  sight and light sessions.
I am  finding the Kasina a great  little machine. Easily portable( although I do worry  about the fragility of the glasses) and great  for lieing on the sofa of an  evening, just  relaxing completely with eyes closed immersed into the various sound and light sessions.

Being able to completely shut out the world;  both  visually and audibly, in itself  can be a relaxing place to be,  and the Kasina  makes that  experience  an  exciting journey!

For the price of  about 60  cups of coffee you can have some long term  relaxation,  fun,  altered consciousness and  exhileration!




Sign up for 'Shadow Work' with Caroline Myss & Andrew Harvey: from SoundsTrue


SoundsTrue are excited to announce a new course with Caroline Myss and Andrew Harvey: Shadow Work

An Eight-Week Journey to Know Yourself and Bring Light to the World

The Shadow is that part of you that remains unknown, yet influences every part of your life.

However, the Shadow isn’t bad—it’s just hidden. And since it’s hidden, it runs around with no supervision, often wreaking havoc and causing suffering in your life.

When you bring your Shadow into the light, it no longer has power over you.

In Shadow Work  you’ll explore how to uncover the hidden parts of yourself and see the secret forces at play in the world. You’ll learn to:

  •      Heal and transform the parts of yourself that keep causing the same negative patterns
  •      Reveal your hidden archetypes and better understand their connection to the Shadow
  •      Unearth new strengths, insights, and wisdom—there’s buried treasure in the Shadow too
  •      See our collective shadows and break free from the systems that keep you docile and disempowered
  •      Step into your sacred calling and make a difference in a world that needs you now

When you commit to Shadow Work , you become fully empowered to create a life of purpose, joy, and meaning.

Now is the time to fully know yourself and bring your light to the world.


Note that  ChangeThatMind is an affiliate of SoundsTrue


Is your weight an emotional issue? Jessica Ortner's Webinar

If you ask any woman on the street how she feels about her weight you're likely to get some scowling looks...

Both for how she feels about her weight and for asking the question and bringing up the topic in the first place. 🙂

For most women, thinking about their weight and how they feel about their body is a very emotional issue.  

Society puts a great deal of pressure on women to look good and be in shape.  

And unfortunately 2/3 of women in the United States alone are overweight, with 1/2 of them being obese.

That leads to a lot of frustrated women who are constantly going on a roller coaster ride of going from one diet to another, trying to find the magical solution.

But if weight loss is such an emotional issue for women, why is the solution always to look at diet and exercise, and not to address the emotions?  

Jessica Ortner, an EFT Tapping expert, has been taking a much different approach towards helping women and she's been getting some startlingly good results.  

As Jessica says...

“Only focusing on diet and exercise when trying to release weight, can lead to stagnant results that keep you stuck.

The challenge is that the ability to eat well, exercise, and feel safe releasing weight are all run unconsciously in your brain, and if your brain isn't wired the way you want it to be, then you're just setting yourself up for failure.

If you've struggled and gone from diet to diet, you're likely to continue the trend UNLESS you get to the root of the problem."

Jessica is running several webinars this week that you can attend called "The Biological Weight Loss Trap," that go into detail on the major role that our underlying emotions, beliefs and traumas play with our weight as well as our confidence in how we feel about our bodies.  

She shares some pretty shocking science and research that prove exactly why ignoring your emotions and unconscious wiring and only focusing on diet and exercise doesn't work.  

This is a CONTENT PACKED webinar presentation that will show you how to figure out what is going on in YOU that is preventing you from releasing weight, and just as importantly, what is holding you back from feeling comfortable and confident in your body...

I think this webinar is a must watch for any woman, as it will give you a much deeper understanding and more importantly, level of control, over the unconscious things that make it challenging to release weight.  

There are a number of times available to attend the webinar.  I highly recommend making some time to watch it.  

Every woman deserves to be happy and confident in her body, including you.

I think that this presentation can help you get there.   

P.S. - Jessica is both extremely passionate about this subject because of her own previous struggle with her weight, as well as extremely knowledgeable on the subject. 

She's the author of New York Times best-selling book ”The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence" which has gotten incredible reviews from amazing people like Cheryl Richardson,  Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Lissa Rankin, Dr. Mark Hyman, Gabrielle Bernstein, Marci Shimoff and many others.  

Make sure to check out this incredible webinar presentation, happening this week only:



Free Video Training Series: Critical Strategy for How to Detox Your Body Naturally from LifeSpa

“Detox” may have taken on the tinge of a trendy buzzword but, in reality, it is a function that our bodies, when in balance, perform naturally and regularly.

The detox channels of the body – or the channels through which the body cleanses damaging toxins – are the same as the digestive channels. There is an intimate link between these two processes.

According to Ayurveda, the goal is always to optimize the body’s natural propensity for cleansing, which is the safest and surest way to know you are not storing dangerous toxins in your fat cells and brain.

A couple times a year, Ayurveda recommends an intensive detox regimen to reset the digestive function – which can get boggy and congested over time – and provide rejuvenation for all of the organs that work so hard to keep us functioning.

In America, poor digestion is incredibly common. Modern-day exposure to preservatives, pesticides, plastics, and environmental pollutants has put us in a vulnerable position. Digestive strength can also be weakened from over-eating and eating foods that are inappropriate to the season.

A more intensive detox regimen can kick your natural detox function into a higher gear, encouraging the body to do a better job of cleansing on its own.

3 Keys to an Intelligent Detox

  1. An intelligent detox will always seek to open up the detox channels first.

This will ensure that once toxins are released, they are quickly eliminated through the excretory or eliminatory system, lest they be pushed from one fat cell to another or default back to the liver, which often sends them back into the bloodstream.

You want to make sure that the cleanse you are doing has a clear plan for where the toxins will end up – and you want that to be outside of your body.

  1. An effective and carefully-designed cleanse will have the goal of balancing the blood sugar.

Unstable blood sugar is the root cause of many common imbalances in the west. It wreaks havoc on the brain, skin, adrenals, cells, heart, gut, joints and more.

If the cleanse is extremely restrictive, low in calories, lack fiber, nutrition and/or are mainly liquid, you are going to run into blood sugar spikes and crashes.

  1. A thorough and complete detox will include the resetting of digestion.

Resetting the digestion after a cleanse is key, as healthy and well-functioning digestive pathways equal healthy detoxification pathways.

Doing so allows for the balancing of digestive fluids, such as the stomach acids pancreatic enzymes and bile. A good balance of these fluids allows for efficiently flow, and for them to do their job of breaking down food in the stomach and small intestine.

Resetting the digestion is also a critical factor in the proliferation of diverse strains of healthy microbes. They are responsible for immunity, detox, mood, evolutionary changes to DNA, and just about every other human function. The goal is to create the perfect environment for the good microbes to thrive.

>>> Sign up for Dr. John Douillard’s FREE 4-part video training series, “The Critical Strategy for How to Detox Your Body Naturally.”

Do Your Research & Cleanse Smart

Make sure that any cleanse you do can outline in detail the process it sets in motion to accomplish these steps, that its ultimate goal is to restore rather than deplete, and that the benefits are logical and long-lasting.

Want To Learn More?

>> Sign up for Dr. John Douillard’s FREE 4-part video training series, “The Critical Strategy for How to Detox Your Body Naturally.”

(Note that ChangeThatMind is an affiliate of LifeSpa)


Project YOU: FREE video series by John Edward from HayHouse

As you may know Hay House has published several books from well-known psychic mediums and one is John Edward. John is offering a free video series with important lessons and profound readings that Hay House want to share with you.

John has been very busy over the past years helping people all over the world evolve into being the best version of themselves. His readings are astonishingly accurate and he has offered such comfort to those who have lost loved ones. What’s really exciting about this free video series is that John has seen some remarkable patterns over his three decades of doing this important work. He’s learned some truly powerful insights and he’s sharing them with you in his free videos.

If you’re anything like me, you might be a little bit skeptical about this kind of stuff, but after watching these lessons, I guarantee you’ll become a believer, just as I have. And more importantly, you’ll gain some important tips to help you develop your natural psychic and intuitive abilities, which will help you make better decisions in your life.

His first free video is all about psychic self-defense. When you begin strengthening your psychic skills, it’s important to make sure you are protecting yourself so that you won’t be drained of your vital life energy. These powerful techniques from John can alter the way you feel by releasing stagnant psychic energy from your body and the space around where you work and live. I hope you’ll watch it now and gain the benefits and rich rewards of using these psychic self-defense techniques.

Sign up here!

Paul  at

Note that  ChangeThatMind is an affiliate of HayHouse


GMOs Revealed: watch the FREE online docuseries

I’m excited to let you know about an important event coming up on August 22nd.

Dr. Patrick Gentempo, Jeff Hays and Dr. Beau Pierce have teamed up again. They are the force behind the ground-breaking series Vaccines Revealed.

They’ve gathered an impressive team of experts to uncover and share the disturbing truths about a serious threat lurking in so much of what we eat.

GMOs Revealed

...delves deep into the ways that genetically modified foods ( and the toxic chemicals they are made to resist ) are wreaking havoc on our bodies and causing serious damage to the environment.

This important docu-series will be broadcasting exclusive content in a 9-day event, from August 22nd to August 31st.

I want to make sure that you have access to the eye-opening facts shared inGMOs Revealed , so I’m sharing how you can watch the whole series for FREE here .

This is important information that you won’t want to miss.

If you’ve ever wondered how genetically modified food might affect your health, you will find the answers here. I was shocked to discover that over 75% of the processed foods on grocery store shelves contain GMOs, and that close to 90% of the corn grown in the US has been genetically manipulated.

But it doesn’t end there…

In this series, the disturbing marriage of toxic weed killer

and modified seeds is uncovered.

See exactly how a chemical originally created as a powerful mineral descaler for industrial pipes and boilers has made its way into our food, piggy-backing on plants genetically designed to be “Roundup ready.” That’s right, GMOs were created specifically to tolerate glyphosate, A TOXIN known to cause cancer and many of the diseases we are seeing today in epidemic proportions.

In this series, the corruption behind Monsanto and other large seed and chemical corporations is exposed in astounding ways.

In a billion-dollar vicious cycle, the same company that sells these powerful agricultural chemicals also creates and sells the seeds designed resist them.

GMOs revealed  says "They know their products are making us sick".

...and you will be shocked by the cover-ups, media manipulation, and unethical behavior that has been quietly going on behind the scenes.

You deserve to know exactly what goes into the foods you eat, and it’s time that the threat of GMOs is exposed.

The GMOs Revealed team has been working hard to bring together leading doctors, agriculture experts, scientists, environmentalists and political activists to share their expertise. In layman’s terms, these experts will help you understand how GMOs are making you sick, depleting the soil we depend on, and creating a health and environmental disaster that could have repercussions for generations to come.

After viewing this incredibly produced and fascinating series, you will have the information you need to make truly informed decisions about what you and your family eat—decisions that could change your life and protect the health of future generations.

GMOs Revealed brings you the true story behind an industry that is one of the biggest silent threats of our time, and you can watch it FREE from August 22nd to August 31st.

I hope you’ll join me for this exclusive, world-wide event by CLICKING HERE now.

Thank you for joining us,

Paul  at  ChangeThatMind

(Note that  ChangeThatMind is an affiliate of GMOs Revealed)


The Self-Acceptance Summit: FREE from SoundsTrue

Do you struggle with self-judgment? Does the voice of your inner critic speak loudly of your ‘flaws’?

You’re not alone. Even people who’ve had years of practice with meditation, therapy, and self-improvement still struggle with the most important relationship we have—our relationship with ourselves.

That’s why Sounds True created the Self-Acceptance Summit  to give you the tools and knowledge to transform the way you treat yourself every day.

Register for the live broadcast at no cost below:

Self-Acceptance Summit:

How to Overcome Self-Judgment and Live a Life of Bravery, Compassion, and Authenticity September 11, 2017 through September 20, 2017 

You’ll receive a free gift video from Kristin Neff, PhD, on “Easy Self-Compassion Practices to Use When Life Becomes Difficult,” and instructions on how to access this FREE Summit, beginning September 11.

The Summit features more than 30 of today’s leading experts on self-acceptance, including:

  • Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love and Big Magic
  • Stanford researcher Dr. Kelly McGonigal, author of The Willpower Instinct
  • Anne Lamott, author of Bird by Bird and Small Victories
  • Pioneering researcher Dr. Kristin Neff, author of Self-Compassion
  • Psychologist Dr. Chris Germer, co-developer of The Mindful Self-Compassion program
  • Caroline Myss, five-time New York Times bestselling author of Invisible Acts of Power
  • Glennon Doyle, author of New York Times bestseller Love Warrior
  • Life coach and author Iyanla Vanzant, host of Iyanla: Fix My Life on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network
  • Zen-trained spiritual teacher Adyashanti, author of Resurrecting Jesus and Emptiness Dancing
  • Marianne Williamson, author of Everyday Grace and The Gift of Change

When we accept ourselves, we become more courageous and capable of doing good in the world. We hope you’ll join us for this extraordinary gathering of teachers as we learn to change the way we treat ourselves—and everyone around us.

Register for The Self-Acceptance online training summit.

kind regards

Paul at ChangeThatMind

(Note that  ChangeThatMind is an affiliate of SoundsTrue)

P.S. Sounds True is also offering our One-to-One gift program, which will send a copy of the entire summit to a person in need when you purchase the upgrade package. You can learn more here.


90 FREE Webinar training with Sonia Ricotti to Bounce Back Big!

Here's something that  I think  you're going to  love. It’s a free webinar workshop where you will learn the step-by-step formula to “bounce back” quickly, turn your life around FAST and live your greatest life!

This training is being taught by #1 bestselling author and “bounce back” expert, Sonia Ricotti. The workshop is titled:

“The 3 Step Proven Formula to Bounce Back Instantly (and Higher Than Ever) When Life Knocks You Down”

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If you’re going through a difficult time in your life right now (with finances, health, relationships, career, etc.) or maybe you’re just feeling “stuck” in your life and would love to turn things around FAST, then please make sure you do everything you can to attend this online workshop.

This 90 minute free training will have you turning your life around in record time.

Sonia will be teaching you how to master the three steps that will completely transform your life so you can begin living your GREATEST life starting right now.

Register now to discover and master these 3 steps.

Here are some of the things you'll learn in this phenomenal webinar workshop:

- Sonia’s proven 3-Step formula for lightning speed recovery from any of the challenges and obstacles life throws your way

- The quickest way to rewire and reprogram your brain to manifest great success and wealth (anyone can do this!)

- The critical mistakes to avoid (that most people make) that actually repels miracles and massive success to come into your life

- The 3-sentence statement that will immediately get the “wheels in motion” to turn your life around FAST and allow inner peace and joy to flow effortlessly into your life starting right NOW

- The 10X "Maverick" goal-setting method that will dramatically accelerate your results

You'll learn all these strategies and tools (without spending a dime) and you'll begin using them right away.

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Mental Wellness Summit2: FREE from Healthtalks Online

Mental Wellness Summit 2

Join us for the Mental Wellness Summit 2 from September 25 – October 2, 2017!

Health Talks Online is your connection to improved health. Our educational and actionable expert talks have given individuals and families all over the world the information needed to pursue healthier lives. By gathering many medical opinions together, in an accepting, professional and respectful manner, we help you discover your path to an energetic and happy life.

The Mental Wellness Summit 2 is online and free from September 25 – October 2, 2017!

REGISTER NOW for The Mental Wellness Summit 2 and you’ll be the first to get more info about it!



Manifesting Your Soul’s Purpose with Wayne Dyer: FREE from HayHouse

Wayne Dyer, loved this quote by the father of modern yoga, Patanjali. Wayne made sure he took the time to do his yoga exercises every day. To have strength, both physically and mentally, in order to open himself up to inspiration. This inspiration is inside each and every one of us. We just need to open ourselves up to listening.

Wayne Dyer’s free video series, Manifesting Your Soul’s Purpose, introduces many sources of wisdom that teach us how to tap into our intuition and really listen to our inner self.
This voice of intelligence is what Dr. Dyer referred to as Spirit Destiny acting as a Driving force in our lives, to help us to fulfill our destiny. When we truly listen and follow this driving force, we begin to notice our lives change in ways we would never imagine for ourselves.

Joseph Benner called this phenomenon the “impersonal self,” from his book 'The Impersonal Life', where he states:
“Wherever you go will My Light shine and My Love radiate forth about you, creating Peace, Concord, Unity.”

This light shines brightly within us. We choose to both feed it and allow it to continue working as a guiding light, or we choose to ignore it to the point of dimming and forget that it even exists.

Benner states, in The Impersonal Life, that when you learn to recognize this Light within, others will also be blessed:
“And the great thing will be, though not great but natural when once you understand, that everyone will be better and happier by reason of your appearance in their lives.”

As Wayne, always said, “YOU ARE LIGHT.” He was a great example of this living motivation for happiness as he came to open himself up to his inner light. Open yourself to experience this truth within yourself. Allow your warmth and light to spread over the world.

This video series is a part of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s great legacy left to us all. He was extremely excited to be able to share this with the world. Find Out How To Let Your Light Shine!


5th March 2015

I want to tell a story from a colleague that stopped me in my tracks when I first read it.
In 1952, at age 42, a wealthy New York physicist and entrepreneur was sent home to die.
His body was riddled with disease, and he had less than two weeks to live.
Confounded by his condition, he decided to ‘figure out’ how to cure himself.
A short time later, that man, Lester Levenson, discovered something so transformative that he rid himself of all his physical problems and entered a state of profound peace that never left him through the day he died on January 18, 1994 … an amazing 42 years later.
What Lester discovered has passed on to Hale Dwoskin, who has helped hundreds of thousands in the last 30 years.
Hale created a very popular, professional self-study course, and now you get to use it for free for six days.
ReleasingFest - Click Here to Sign Up Today for FREE
You won’t have to buy a thing to get the process, and there are no strings attached.
It helps you let go of uncomfortable emotions, right on the spot, without getting stuck in them or having to figure out why you even have them.
This process works to:
• say goodbye to fear, stress, and anxiety—even panic attacks.
• release anger problems.
• lose even long-standing depression.
• get rid of chronic physical pain.
• propel yourself to new levels of personal performance.
• kick addictions… Lose weight… Stop smoking.
• bring you happiness, success, and well-being.
The process is called The Sedona Method, and you get to use it for free during the Releasing Fest that begins on March 30. You can get your Free Pass here.
And, yes, feel free to pass this email on to anyone you know. It is open to the public, but it is only available for six days.
Everyone has personal greatness and joy within. You just have to release the chains that bind it.
Paul Martin: ChangethatMind
P.S. – Through the free-to-you ReleasingFest you can rid yourself of every negative and destructive emotion you’ve had throughout your life. A lifetime of anxiety, unrest, self-criticism. and bad habits can simply be “released” from your being, giving you great peace, joy and abundance.
ReleasingFest - Click Here to Sign Up Today for FREE

9th March 2015

235-header-imageMeditation for Busy People offers simple strategies to reduce tension, minimize chronic stress, and quickly relax and unwind. Nobody needs meditation more than people who have no time to meditate. These busy people may have tried meditation but given it up, as it seems so difficult to integrate into a hectic lifestyle. 

Most traditional meditation techniques were developed thousands of years ago for people living a very different lifestyle than today. Few people today find it easy to just sit down and relax. Meditation for Busy People is filled with methods that can actually be integrated into everyday life.
A morning commute becomes a centering exercise, and the street noises outside an apartment window in the city become an aid rather than a distraction to finding the silent space within. Both active and passive meditation techniques are covered, and the aim of all the techniques is to teach the practitioner how to find the stillness in the storm of everyday life
Register Now and Save your Spot today at the OSHO Meditation starting March 13th!
To your well being
Mentors Channel



18th NovemberMind Movies Logo

I have an incredible opportunity for you today!

Natalie Ledwell (who you’ve probably heard of) – hosts her own online
TV show and is a sought after Personal Growth and Law of Attraction teacher)…

Natalie wants to show you a brand new video that she put together with Bob Proctor from The Secret.

Natalie’s story is a true testament to being able to ‘literally’ and ‘figuratively’ create the life you’ve always dreamed of living…

Filled with abundant wealth, amazing health… and fulfilling relationships.

She’s created an absolutely INCREDIBLE life for herself… and now, she wants to show you how to do the same!

Nat’s vid tells the crazy start of her (and her partner
Glen’s) journey…

From how they left ‘down under’ Australia to move to the sunny shores of San Diego to live out their dreams… and she shares private details of exactly how it all came into play..

It’s worth watching for that alone but as mentioned, the video also contains an interview with one of the world’s foremost experts on success, none other than the incredible Bob Proctor!

Bob reveals some amazing insights on how to bring success and abundance into your life each and every day.

Plus, he reveals his No.1 Secret Tip for master manifesting!

Watch Natalie Ledwell’s amazing new video right here.

But in true “Nat Style” she also said that the video alone wasn’t enough… she also wanted you to have something to take away from it – in addition to the fantastic new knowledge.

Her company is called Mind Movies, and she decided to give you something AMAZING just
for watching the same exciting video I watched.

So when you go over and watch her video here, you’re also going to get your hands on
6 Pre-Made Mind Movies. Yes, 6 of them.

A Mind Movie is a visualization tool… you simply watch it for 3 minutes a day and you’ll instantly begin demanding the Law of Attraction to bring your greatest desires into your reality.

They’re SO cool and these particular 6 cover some super important areas of life designed to immediately and dramatically increase your success!

They’re titled:

– Courage & Confidence
– Loving & Appreciating Myself
– Attracting Friends & A Great Social Life
– Vibrant Health
– Inner Peace
– (And last, but certainly NOT least) Wealth

A $234 value all yours for free when you go and watch Nat’s new video right here.

So go on over and grab yours now – and do keep an eye out as Natalie said she had some other incredible stuff coming my way that she would let me share with you too!

Get your 6 incredible Pre-Made Mind Movies and watch Natalie’s video here ~ Don’t wait on this!

I’m sure you’re going to love what you discover.

18th November

Discover how to manifest anything in the Universe! Using the power of Subliminal Video to Program your Subconscious Mind. Grab your free video here!

Discover how to manifest anything in the Universe!
Using the power of Subliminal Video to Program your Subconscious Mind. Grab your free video here!

Ty Summers, has put together a collection of FIVE FREE “empowered mind videos” for you, but they will only be online for a limited amount of time:  

Unlike other visualization tools that you may have seen, these videos combine FOUR essential mind programming techniques embedded within an enjoyable series of high definition videos. These visualization videos will enable you to start using the Law of Attraction to manifest your wants and desires, even if you failed with it before!

What makes Ty’s videos different is that unlike boring visualization boards, or many of the so called “visualization videos” out there that are nothing more than still photos and music, Ty’s videos combine full motion themed video, a relaxing soundtrack, subliminal commands, and binaural beats. This powerful combination will literally break through your conscious mind and start positively affecting your thoughts, emotions and mindset.

Its great  that Ty is giving these away for free because if you purchase them individually they retail for $125! I am not sure how much longer these videos are going to be up for, so I recommend you grab them now:

4th  November  2014

Imagine being able to hard-wire the lessons of Eckhart Tolle and many others before him, like every great teacher and prophet that explained being in the NOW is the real route to peace, happiness and success.
But not just living in the now, but actually making the best possible decisions, and taking the most efficient actions during it.
Check out the FREE sample here:
The Present: Maximizing the Now. (2 days left)
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John Vincent, Peak Power Academy

27th October 2014

Wild Divine goes wireless with the IomBlue

The IomBlue: Wireless Hardware for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

The number one request from you, the Wild Divine community is now a reality with the introduction of the IomBlue.

Pre-Order Your IomBlue Hardware Here!

The IomBlue functions just like the Iom (now called the IomPro), with two differences:

First, the IomBlue does not connect via cable, it connects wirelessly to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Secondly, the IomBlue uses an ear clip to pick up your body’s signals instead of finger sensors. This makes it very convenient to use at home, in the office, outdoors, or while traveling.

What software will be available for the IomBlue via the Apple iOS App Store?

The most requested software is Relaxing Rhythms, so we have an enhanced version, optimized for iOS, in progress. We plan on two other apps being available at launch: A version of our popular Grapher utility, and a Progressive Body Scan meditation with Zen Master Nissim Amon. (Master Amon is a big iPad user!)

When will it be available? Testing and all certifications are done. The first shipment (limited quantities) will arrive to our warehouse in January, 2015, less than three short months away. If you are not on the pre-order list, you could be waiting for months, and paying a higher price.

Starting today, we are taking pre-orders for the IomBlue, at the special low price of $97. After the pre-order period, the price will rise to the full retail price of at least $129.99. (Could be more)

21st October 2014
empowermindvideosI wanted to let you know about something that we NEVER do, but are opening up for a very limited time. GIVING AWAY FREE ACCESS TO OUR ENTIRE VISUALIZATION VIDEO COLLECTION!

Are you struggling to get the Law of Attraction to work for you? Are you tired of boring visualization tools, subliminal mp3’s and self-spoken affirmations that don’t work?

Empowered Mind Videos contains a library of the MOST POWERFUL visualization videos ever created. Each video features FOUR proven techniques to penetrate your subconscious and improve your life, including full motion themed video, a meditative audio track, binaural beats and subliminal commands.

Best of all, you can try the entire library of Empowered Mind Videos, FREE for the next 30 days.

With NO upfront payment there is ZERO risk to you. Simply “test drive” our entire collection of visualization videos and decide if they benefit you. If not, simply cancel your membership and pay nothing, otherwise, continue to enjoy access to all Empowered Mind Videos for just $19/month.

All you need to do is click on this link below, then click the “Join” button. It’s that simple.

Once you join, you get 24/7 access to every visualization video in the iGodMind  / Empowered Mind Videos library at ZERO cost for 30 days. If you decide that our videos are right for you and are helping you achieve your goals (which we are confident you will!) then simply pay $19/month after the trial ends. If you don’t wish to continue to enjoy access to our library of visualization videos, then just cancel before the 30 day period ends and owe nothing!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to preview the full versions of the entire collection of videos with ZERO RISK and ZERO COST.

You owe it to yourself to just give it a try :



iGodMind / Empowered Mind Videos

dMind / Empowered Mind Videos

18th October 2014
Thought Inspire

Live A Life Of Positive Health, Wealth, Love & Prosperity…

It’s Yours For The Asking!

Claim Your FREE Law of Attraction Tool Kit
and Start Getting Real Results:

Download My Tool Kit Now

Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party.

17th October 2014

We’re big manifestation enthusiasts here at Subliminal MP3, and today we’ve put together some information in partnership with Real Subliminal to show you how you can use subliminal messages to boost the results you see with the law of attraction.

Can Subliminal Audio Really Help You To Manifest?

Well, actually, yes and no… and “help” is the key word here.

Subliminal messages won’t do everything for you and manifest your wildest dreams without any further effort – you need to be focused and actively pursuing your manifestation goals too.

But they CAN help you to realize your manifestation desires – they are one tool you can use to shape your subconscious mind and align your subconscious thoughts to your conscious wishes and physical actions.

How Does It Work?

Subliminal messages have actually been referred to as the “missing ingredient” to success with the law of attraction.

This is basically because often people take physical action towards their goals, they even consciously try to manifest using their mind with practices such as affirmations and vision boards.. however still people struggle to see results.

And this is because of deeper held subconscious doubts and lacking beliefs in their ability to manifest.. manifestation isn’t easy, it is an abstract concept and isn’t always as simple as simply starting to believe that you can manifest $1000 out of nowhere or manifest your dream car.

So we have these subconscious doubts, and it is these which stop us from truly manifesting on a higher level – and this is why subliminal messages can be so effective – they tap directly into your subconscious mind, to eliminate these doubts and negative thoughts and to completely focus your mind – so that you are taking action towards your manifestation goals, you are consciously manifesting, and your subconscious mind is completely supportive and positively aligned to your manifestation desires too.

In this way you can DRAMATICALLY increase your manifestation goals.

I hope this clears a few things up – mainly that subliminal audio is not a miracle solution, but actually it works in a simple way to target your subconscious mind and actually can have a really positive effect on your law of attraction results!

and if you would like to try this method, then to help you to get started we have a SUPER SAVING from our friends at Real Subliminal…

Super Saver (Save 50%)…

If you want to sculpt your subconscious mind for manifestation success then you can SAVE 50% OFF their entire Manifestation Collection:

Add The Complete Manifestation Collection MP3s to my shopping cart and save 50%

Add The Complete Manifestation Collection CDs to my shopping cart and save 50%

* This package contains their complete law of attraction collection – the following 7 albums: Law Of Attraction, Attract Luck, Attract Money In Abundance, Attitude of Gratitude, Attract Health, Attract Success, Improve Visualization Ability

Rewire Your Mind,

7th October 2014

Subliminal guru

Claim Your Two FREE Subliminal Guru Albums!

Just play the MP3 while you work & be amazed. Enter your name and email here to unlock

2nd October 2014

Experience Audio Empowerment to Help You Effortlessly Live The Life You Want …And It’s All For FREE!

One of the most important things in life is to “LOVE the LIFE you LIVE” – Whether it is through the spoken word, music or brainwave frequencies you can utilize the Power of Transformational Audio to change your life! Most processes for personal change are too difficult, so people simply give up. With audio all you need to do is start listening.

With the information, inspiration and frequencies that are about to be revealed to you – you can have more inner peace, love, spiritual abundance and even more wealth than you ever thought possible – even if you feel like you don’t have enough time, money, or knowledge about where to begin.

If you’re ready to change your life, click  here to register for this FREE training right now!

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My Desktop Therapist

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Real Subliminal

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The Brainwave Entrainment Store

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Subliminal MP3s

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Mind Power MP3


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Mind Workstation


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Hypnotic Tunes

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Peak Power Hypnosis


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Mindfit Hypnosis

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Inner Talk: Eldon Taylor

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Subliminal Video

Or download a free sample of the Intelligent Warrior subliminal  video  Here!…

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My Mindshift II

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Unexplainable Frequencies

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Subconscious MP3s


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Thought Inspire

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Real Subliminal

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Subliminal Today

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Powerful Custom Hypnosis for $49/Session or Less. Start Here: Losing weight starts with proper eating and regular exercise, but sticking…

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2nd October 2014


Discover The Secret To Making Self Help Tools Like The Law Of Attraction, Visualization, and Hypnosis Actually Work

Introducing a new audio technology called Trypnosis™. It’s a fast, safe, & effective way to reprogram your mind and remove the subconscious “static” that gets in your way.

The Key is in Your Unconscious Mind

Scientific American Magazine Cover

“Our Unconscious Mind… It exerts a profound influence: shaping decisions, molding behavior – and running our lives.” – Scientific American, Jan 2014

Experience your free Trypnosis™ session called ‘The Conscious Mind Primer’

This 30 minute immersive journey is designed to speak directly to your conscious mind and to prepare it for the transformation ahead.

As you listen, you’ll get a taste of what makes Trypnosis™ so special:

  • Powerful suggestions of learning voiced by John Vincent, one of the world’s leading experts in Hypnosis & NLP
  • World class meditation music used by spas and therapists worldwide, produced by Niraj Naik that will instantly relax your mind and body.
  • Isochronic brainwave entrainment Alpha/Theta waves to prepare your brain for optimal learning

NOTE: People pay $500+ to attend seminars to discover the techniques you will learn in this audio for free.

Click here to access your free Trypnosis download

1st October 2014

Nirvana Isochronic Tone

Nirvana is not just a religious concept for enlightened people, it’s for everyone! Yes, even you can achieve nirvana and enjoy a calm and peaceful life free from the stresses of everyday life.

Isochronic Tone $ 24-  Buy 2 and get  2 free!

* No Extensive Practice Required
* Effects Usually Felt In Minutes
* Guaranteed Satisfaction

The best thing about nirvana is you can achieve it anywhere! You need not give up your job, home and your life to retire in the mystical mountains. Just take out a few minutes each day to comfort your body and mind and view the world with greater clarity!

28th September 2014

28th September 2014

Download your three free subliminal  MP3s here

Subliminal audios send positive suggestions to your subconscious mind to enhance your life. Please enter your name and e-mail address on the right to get “Excellent Focus”, “Body Relax” and “Get Motivated” now.
Receive three amazing FREE subliminal audio series in mp3 format

Experience this amazing technology for yourself and notice the effects

Understand better how subliminals can change your life

Access free tips to help you change your beliefs for better living

Learn how to achieve more wealth, health, better relationshps and happiness  and much more!

Just enter your details here to get this now.


18th September 2014

Binaural Brains Newsletter

Free Isochronic Tone - Confidence Booster     

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! without a humble but seasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.” – Norman Vincent Peale

Confidence is the key to success in anything that we do. When we believe in ourselves then we can accomplish anything. It doesn’t matter in what area of life it is, confidence is one of the main determining factors if you succeed or not.

The best way to sum it up is from a quote by Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, your probably right.”

We are much more powerful when we believe in ourselves and believe that we can accomplish whatever task is at hand. When we don’t have faith in ourselves then we shut all doors of opportunity that would otherwise find their way to us.

Here is a

Confidence Booster Isochronic     
that is designed to help those that have problems with confidence. It’s another 15 minute recording that is exclusive to all of you subscribed to the Binaural Brains Newsletter.

Relax while you listen to this recording. Headphones are not required but I would still recommend that you use them as it makes the recording much more effective.

Think about the areas in your life where you need the most confidence. Listen to this recording and visualize yourself performing those tasks easily and effortlessly.

This recording will a few times to use before you see any significant results but listen to it every day until you feel you are confident in whatever area you were working on.

Hope you all enjoy! 🙂

– Adam

18th September 2014

Focus your mind with Zen

If you’re brain is overloaded with distractions, then finding ways to focus and keep calm is key. In our multi-tasking and constantly changing lives, it becomes challenging even for those who regularly meditate to keep their cool and focus the mind. But anyone can learn to improve their mental focus using one of the most ancient traditions – Zen. This article outlines the simplest Zen habits that can help you improve your ability to focus, breathe, and beat the stress that comes from racing thoughts and feeling like you need to accomplish everything at once.

The gifts of Zen are free

If you know Wild Divine, then you are probably at least partially aware of the awe-inspiring words of peace, guidance and meditation that come from contributor Zen Master Nissim Amon.

If you don’t already own Zen Journey, then you can still receive the benefits of his wisdom in this FREE 5-part series we created. You can quickly sign up here, and within a few minutes, you’ll receive the first video in this series that will help you learn to free yourself from the limitations of your own mind, using Zen principles.

Get the Best of Wild Divine plus a FREE Iom
With the Best of Wild Divine you get a FREE Iom and also FREE shipping! You’ll get all our famous Wild Divine guided meditation programs such as Relaxing Rhythms and Zen Journey with Master Nissim Amon, and our latest 3-D wonder Return to the Sun Realm!

Using Wild Divine teaches you to:
Build bridges with your breath
Meditate with the Masters of Meditation
Juggle stress with your mind
Graph and see your progress over time
Enjoy rich gaming experiences you’ll actually use!

17th September 2014

Get 3 FULL Mind Sync Downloads – Regular Price $59.85
Download #1 – Mind Sync Epsilon Meditation
This is the full version of the Mind Sync Epsilon Meditation brainwave harmonic program – The epsilon wave is a combination of specific binaurally generated brainwaves of very low frequency. In the laboratory they have been shown to ;
– Help coordinate left and right brain activity – creating A-HA states.
– Induce very deep, advanced states of meditation .
– Create nirvanic and samhadhi experience
– Lead to spiritual insight
– Create spontaneous out of body experiences

Download #2 – Mind Sync Om Harmonic

The OM harmonic is actually a frequency very close to the basic vibrational frequency of the Earth.
You can recite your own mantra over the top of the sound giving an extra dimension to your meditation, or you can relax and listen to the healing and soothing sound on its own.

Download #3- Mind Sync Shaman Wave

The shaman wave is a combination of specific binaurally generated brainwaves of very low frequency. In the laboratory they have been shown to ;

Help coordinate left and right brain activity – creating deep trance states.
Induce very deep, advanced states of meditation .
Create states of ecstasy !!
Lead to spiritual insight
Create spontaneous out of body experiences

The shaman wave has been combined with a harmonic carrier wave to further increase the effect.

13th September 2014

Mindvalley offers you a free download of a Zen12 Meditation track.

Just in case you missed it…

You can get it here >>>

The great thing about this track is the brainwave
sounds that will induce a deep meditative state
with ease.

The only “effort” you need to put in, is getting
comfortable, putting on some headphones, and
pressing play.

Super easy stuff. 🙂

But I don’t want you to just take my word for it.
Give it a try for yourself. The download is free
and you’ve really got nothing to lose.

>>> Use this special link to get your download

Happy Om-ing!

Kristi Anier
Customer Happiness Manager
OmHarmonics, by Mindvalley

13th September 2014

Gamma Max

Amazing new breakthrough in meditation and life hack technology
Cutting Edge Research develops stunning new brainwave downloads
Get complete control over 100% of your brains activity using Gamma Max technology

A gamma brain wave is a pattern of neural oscillation in humans with a frequency between 25 to 100 Hz. We have been able to accurately create these frequencies in the laboratory and test their safety and usefulness over a number of years. We have found a number of profound effects that can be derived from listening to gamma brainwave frequencies. The frequencies are effective with or without a musical background. The frequencies are also effective with or without the use of headphones.

The gamma max compositions are even effective while you are asleep, quietly in the background while watching TV or when working out in the gym.

How Does it Work?

Accurately calibrated music synthesis software has been used to create the exact frequencies required to induce different Gamma states.

Experimenting through the whole range of gamma waves (from 25 – 100 Hz) it was found that certain combinations of frequencies consistently caused a complete shift in brainwave activity.

This phenomenon allows us to repeat the many benefits of gamma entrainment at will; and with minimal practice.

All you need to do is play the specially coded music on your mp3 player or other music device and listen… that’s it… it really is that simple. You could be getting the benefits in minutes.

All the products are available immediately.

13th September 2014

What If You Could Effortlessly Change Your Subconscious Beliefs Around Money, Success and Happiness in Just Minutes a Day?

Relax while your subconscious mind is reprogrammed to:

Develop a positive relationship with money
Create a deep feeling of thankfulness every day
Transform negativity into thoughts of success
Create an awareness of how easily you can accomplish what you set out to do
Embed a love of life directly into your subconscious
Become aware of new opportunities that you never knew were possible
Experience a fresh perspective on life that works with your desires
And more…

Subliminal Affirmations (Combined with Theta Brainwave Entrainment): Combining subliminal affirmations with audible brainwave entrainment creates a more effective program that focuses on specific results. Soft, subliminal affirmations are mixed within the music in such a way that we cannot hear them consciously. However, they are directly “heard” by our subconscious mind adding another layer of support for effective change.

While healing frequencies balance and open your mind, subliminal affirmations communicate with your subconscious to release fears and frustrations. This allows you to automatically break your old, habits and routines to replace them with new, positive, successful, uplifting behaviors.

Entrainment cycles, frequencies, and patterns of complexity continue to enhance the benefits over time. The addition of subliminal messaging encourages deeper integration of the affirmations. This process bypasses rejection by the conscious mind while reaching your subconscious mind for unconscious auto-suggestion.

Yes, I Want to Experience All of this for Only $27 (Instantly Save 78%, Regularly $127)

12th September 2014

Hi There

We do this big promotion just ONCE per year, and this year is bigger than ever – usually we discount our sessions by 30%, but this year we are giving our BIGGEST EVER SAVING – 50% Off EVERYTHING.

Save 50% Off ALL MP3s and CDs

Its a 4 day event only (we simply can’t keep prices this low all the time) and we have over 150 sessions to choose from in all areas of self improvement, pretty much to help you to reach ANY goal you are working towards…

… whether it is weight loss, improving your law of attraction results, getting a better nights sleep…

… we have something for everyone – so if you have been curious about hypnosis… or perhaps you know how powerful hypnosis can be, how it can reach into your mind and change the way you think and feel about things… to change long held negative beliefs and put you on the path to success…

then now is the ideal time to get started – with a:

50% Saving Off Everything

Change your life.. naturally!

Natural Hypnosis

21st August 2014
Binaural Beats
Binaural Brains Newsletter
Binaural Brains

Recommended: IsoBeats

Long Term Memory Enhancer Binaural Beats     

“Memory is the diary we all carry with us” – Oscar Wilde
Memory Enhancer

So I realized the other day that I have not created any free binaural beats for all of my subscribers in a while. I decided to show all of you how much I appreciate you by giving you this free long term memory enhancer binaural beats. This is a binaural beat that is found no where else except through the Binaural Brains Newsletter. Just a way for me to say thanks to all of you.

I found the frequencies that are associated with long term memory and decided to create this binaural beat that is designed to stimulate that area of the brain. It is a 15 minute recording that will help bring back past memories in fuller and richer details. Each person can find their own benefits from using this recording.

A few examples you can use this recording for:

1. Remember lost love ones more clearly
2. Remembering things you’ve learned in school years ago but have now forgotten.
3. Getting back old skills that you have lost
4. Remembering old friends that you used to know
5. Improved childhood memories

Listening to this will also help increase your memory so in the future you will not forget things as easily and you will remember each experience in more details.

I hope that you all enjoy and if any of you have a special request for a certain binaural beat then let me know and I will see what I can do to help you out. Remember to wear headphones while listening.

Wish you all the best,

– Adam

Long Term Memory Enhancer Binaural Beats     

21st August 2014
Real Subliminal

This is brand new out this week – download your free mp3 here:

Free MP3

It’s a free guided meditation audio download which will take you on a beautiful visual journey within your mind called “Love Your Body”.

It will help you to love yourself and your body for who you are without worrying about what other people think of you.

It’s brand new, just been released this week so download your copy here, it’s 100% free:

Free Love Your Body MP3

To Your Success,
Real Subliminal

14th August 2014
Audio Empowerment
Right Now – Enjoy Free-Access to Audio Empowerment
Click Here —

One of the simplest, easiest and best ways I know to help you experience
the life you want is by simply listening to these empowering recordings

Here are just a few of the topics that have been featured:

– Practical Spirituality
– Activating your prosperity magnet
– Easing into the next, highest and best version of you
– Having wealth for life
– The formula for miracles
– Be the light that changes the world
– Eliminating your limiting beliefs
– Overcoming your critical thoughts
– Connecting to your source of limitless power
– Making Money Fall in Love with You

Some of my favorite recordings can be found here and if you listen in regularly you can hear me share some of my best information.

I encourage you to join us and experience a life beyond what currently seems possible to you.

11th August 2014
Hypnosis Live
Claim Your FREE Hypnosis MP3 Session!
You’ve received a SPECIAL GIFT from Andy Shaw.
Click on the link here

“Every human action, whether it has become positive or negative, must depend on motivation.”
-The Dalai Lama

Fortify your spirit with a daily “dose” of healthy affirmation, and you can learn to release negative emotions. By replacing them with positive ones, you can help strengthen your emotional reserves, and become more resilient and less susceptible to the effects of stress, anger and resentment.

Spending just a few minutes a day acknowledging the positive forces at work in your life can help weaken the grip of your fears or insecurities and help you sustain your greater plans and intentions for the day and in your larger life goals.

Please take a few minutes now to reflect on showing yourself some loving attention and relax to the beautiful visuals in this Relaxation Meditation.

Relaxation Meditation
Watch the Video

5th August 2014
It’s my 46% off Birthday Sale – – HOURS To Go!
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It’s my ACTUAL birth DAY today! And I’ll give crazy discounts if I want to … discounts if I want to … discounts if I want to … Because you want to … save BIG money … and change your life … in a positive way … yes … its’ true … and that means you too!
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Love ya!
Victoria Gallagher
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August 4th 2014
Hi ,
We heard you.
You are ready to create your dream life…
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We have the tools you need to get it done – and for a very limited time we are making them available to you at over 90% off retail price.
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To Living the Life of Your Dreams

Cyndi and Iain

1st August 20134
Hypnosis Downloads
Whats New at “Hypnosis Downloads” for August 2014

Endurance Psychology

Nerves in Court

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Choose Your Reality

Deeper Self Respect

1st August 2014
We have another discount code for you to use over at HypnoBusters.

This one will help you save 50% on our popular Attract Money Subliminal MP3, knocking the price down to just $3. What can you buy for $3 nowadays? Not a lot, and this MP3 will actually help you make money in the long run…
All you have to do to take advantage of this offer is click here and use the discount code WEALTH. It’s as easy at that!

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more great offers and discounts!

Jon Rhodes

P.S. We recently installed a brand new shopping cart system that should make your buying experience at HypnoBusters much better. However there is always the chance that an error or two made it through to the system, so if you have any problems with the new cart let us know and we’ll do our best to fix it ASAP.

Free Weight Loss Hypnosis MP3 – Limited Availability!

Natural HypnosisAcquire the mindset required to successfully lose weight with this deep and powerful hypnotic experience!

If you struggle with dieting, struggle to stick to your healthy eating plans, or if you simply are not happy with your weight but find it hard to slim down then this session will help you.

You already know what to do – eat a balanced healthy diet and live an active lifestyle and you will lose weight – the real problem lies within your mindset.

This session will give you the same mindset of those who successfully lose weight, you will increase your willpower, you will stay positive, you will be focused on losing weight and you will feel things click inside your mind and know that this time will be different!

Download your FREE Zen12 Meditation Audio!
Zen12 is a 12-minute meditation program, which uses brainwaves to help you release stress, become happier, and improve your health & wellbeing.
Instant meditation results, without any of the effort. Enter your name and email to unlock your FREE audio!

Thought Inspire

One of the most powerful ways we know of to improve your health and well-being is to tap into the natural power in the universe.

The world around us has an amazing natural energy which is undisturbed and full of raw potential and its this power which is the driving force that makes the law of attraction work.

We have a free download for you this weekend which is designed to help you use the ancient secrets of the Orient to harness this natural power to improve your life:


The title of this download is called “Cosmic Energy Secrets” by Owen Coleman and here’s what you can expect to learn:

– How to use hand and body positions to improve the flow of natural creative energy within your body and environment
– How to accelerate healing and fully let go of the past once and for all
– How to improve serenity and peace using an ancient oriental art
– And more!

This download has a few diagrams on different hand and body movements so its fairly interactive and also explains the history of one of the most popular healing arts in the world today.

Check it out here:

9th July 2014
Brainwave Entrainment Store
Introducing New Gamma Max (TM) Technology from Brainwave Entrainment

Amazing new breakthrough in meditation and life hack technology

Cutting Edge Research develops stunning new brainwave downloads
Get complete control over 100% of your brains activity using Gamma Max technology

More from Here

A gamma brain wave is a pattern of neural oscillation in humans with a frequency between 25 to 100 Hz . We have been able to accurately create
these frequencies in the laboratory and test their safety and usefulness over a number of years. We have found a number of profound
effects that can be derived from listening to gamma brainwave frequencies. The frequencies are effective with or without a musical
background. The frequencies are also effective with or without the use of headphones.
The gamma max compositions are even effective while you are asleep, quietly in the background while watching TV or when working out in the gym.

How Does it Work?
Accurately calibrated music synthesis software has been used to create the exact frequencies required to induce different Gamma states
Experimenting through the whole range of gamma waves (from 25 – 100 Hz) it was found that certain combinations of frequencies consistently
caused a complete shift in brainwave activity.
This phenomenon allows us to repeat the many benefits of gamma entrainment at will; and with minimal practice.
All you need to do is play the specially coded music on your mp3 player or other music device and listen…..that’s it …. it really is that
simple … could be getting the benefits in minutes.

New Titles available

Cure Impotence, Increase Fertility, Astral Travel, Cell Regeneration, Fat Blaster, Control Anger, Fixing Lower Back Pain, The Hara, HGH & Endorphin
Increase Sensitivity, Kundalini, Legal High, Mega Intelligence, Mental Projection, Problem Solver, PSI Power, Relieve Depression, Sinus Treatment, Speed Learning, Stomach Repair ( IBS), Super Energy, Super Focus, Super Influence Mind Control, Tinnitus Treatment

All the products are available immediately
More from Here

Stillness of Mind – Sub Delta Meditation Music
Delta Brain Waves have also been linked to feelings of balance,
harmony and mind & body rejuvenation. Now you can experience
those waves anytime you wish.

Delta waves are considered the slowest of all the frequencies
and are active when you are not, similar to when we are in a
dreamless sleep.

Other Benefits Include:

– May reduce headaches & balance hormones
– Increased sense of well being
– Improved quality of sleep
– Helps with improving the immune system
– Improved cell regeneration
– Releases Anti-aging hormones
– And more…

Enjoy this amazing experience for yourself today.
To transforming your mind at the push of a button!

Audio Rejuvenation

P.S. We will have a sample up soon.

You may have noticed that HypnoBusters has been offline for the last day or two. This is just a quick note to let you know that are are back online and up-and-running once more.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the outage.

To make up for this we have extended our 50% discount on our Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Pack to July 5th 2014. You can grab your discount by clicking here and using the discount code STOMACHSHRINKER.

We also have a new discount code to apologise for the downtime, which will get you 50% off our Be Happy Subliminal MP3. Click here and use the discount code MONEYOFF to brighten up your life.

Do hurry though, as this one also runs out on July 5th.

Thanks for reading,

Jon Rhodes

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Hay House $10 bestsellers for the month of October only!


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Eternal Peace from


Acquire The Mindset of a Natural Leader Package- 50% off!
Today I want to share some success stories with you from 2 people who have seen amazing results with our leadership and business subliminals (as this week we are focusing on leadership – and exclusively offering our “Acquire The Mindset of a Natural Leader Package” at a HUGE 50% discount (but only until tomorrow)).

Highest sales figures in 9 months
4 months ago I was promoted as our office sales manager, I have always been good at my job, but when I took over as manager productivity dropped, and so did sales. There was some resentment that I got the position, and I was not getting much respect from the teams. After a month of listening to your leadership qualities album I feel much more confident and assertive, I feel truly competent as a leader, and have won a lot of respect back. The real proof is is in the figures, which this month have been the highest in 9 months! – Hayley, Denver USA
Business is flourishing.

I LOVE your subliminals, I use the entrepreneur and leadership albums; listening while I have my breakfast and they really focus me and get me ready for the day. I run 2 small businesses and I also play the recordings in small group sessions with my teams where we talk over mindset and strategy and focus – they love them too and my businesses are flourishing. – Ken Short, Utah, USA
If you are in business or serious about advancing in your career then acquiring leadership qualities is the best possible thing you can do to get ahead
I want to acquire natural leadership qualities! Save 50% Discount Closes Tomorrow!
To Your Success,
Real Subliminal

Thought Inspire’s Massive 60% discount Summer Sale of Thought Inspire™ Subliminal Audios. Thought Inspire’s audios are designed to inspire new thoughts and thinking patterns in your mind. By changing your thinking, you can truly manifest change in your life. Their subliminal messages have hidden affirmations that will re-program your subconscious mind. So, change your beliefs and achieve your goals at last!

Summer 2014 Ends June 20th – Use coupon code POWER4ME on checkout and save 60% today – applies to all mp3 products!
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The Wild Divine Grapher Expansion Pack
enables you see your body’s raw signals, in real-time, right on your computer screen. You can save, review and share your data, including Heart Rate, Coherence, Skin Conductance Level (SCL) and Heart
Rate Variability (HRV). It’s also just fun to watch your raw data signals and
experiment with different breathing, posture, thoughts, etc. and see what effect
they’re having on your body. Saves SCL and HRV data and and offers real-time
graphing. See your Biometric Signals in Real Time Heart Rate, HRV, SCL, and
Coherence Track, Save, Share your Session Data Use with any other audio programs
See what affects you, Good and Bad Choose Session Length, 5 – 30 minutes Mutable
audio cue Easy to use, no special training required 100% Mac and PC Compatible
Instant Download Available Read more about The Grapher by Wild Divine To see screenshots, a demo video, and learn more about The Grapher by Wild Divine, CLICK HERE. Options: If you already have an Iom, Click Here for The Grapher Software Only (Mac/PC)
The Grapher is included in the Wild Divine Ultimate Bundle at a significant discount.

Omharmonics would love for you to try this great guided meditation track. It’s by Lee Holden – Author of the Modern Qigong program. And it’s called The Inner Smile Meditation >>> It’s easy to get caught up with the daily stresses of life. And if left unchecked, it can lead to a host of problems. Anxiety,
insomnia, frustration… But if there’s one thing that Lee is a master at, it’s
being able to help others unclog their energy flow. And this FREE track will help you do just that >> In just 10 minutes, be able to feel a cleansing of your mind and a renewed sense of clarity. Giving you more space for creativity and intuition. 🙂
Happy Om-ing! Kristi Anier Customer Happiness
Manager OmHarmonics, by Mindvalley

Zen Journey with Master Nissim Amon

Wild Divine’s Zen Journey with Master Nissim Amon features authentic Zen training by Zen Master Nissim Amon, in a lush and beautiful Zen Temple. You progress through the game, earning new robes along the way. Your ultimate prize in Zen Journey is to obtain the Black Robe, one step away from the Golden Robe, worn only by Zen Masters.

Over a dozen brand new Active Feedback events by Hall of Fame Wild Divine game designer Corwin Bell! Zen Journey honors Wild Divine’s tradition and takes advantage of improvements in technology and game mechanics.

A new and exiting innovation in Zen Journey is the “Intelligent Guide”. During key meditation sessions guided by Master Amon, your Iom will detect whether your mind is wandering from the teaching, and this will trigger the Master to give you helpful guidance. If you are doing very well, the Master will also give you positive feedback.

Once you have accumulated enough time at each robe, and participated in enough quality meditaiton time, the Master will summon you and present you with the next robe. These personal meetings are quality one-on-one time with the Master, where he reveals a story, koan, or teaching that is essential to your success at the next level.

Zen Journey also contains a “demo” mode, where you can participate in the program if you do not have the Wild Divine Iom Hardware. You, of course, will not be able to take part in the meditation feedback events, or use the Intelligent Guide, but you can participate in the teaching, lectures, and stories.

Read more about Zen Journey with Master Nissim Amon at Wild


Hypnobusters  last flash sale got so much positive feedback that they’ve decided to do another one! If you hurry to their  Energy Boost Subliminal MP3 now you can get 50% off, making it just $3.That’s right, just $3!Why buy an energy drink that’s bad for you? Get a safe, natural energy boost with subliminal messaging.To take advantage of this offer |click here| and follow the simple instructions to get your 50% discount code <<

Be fast though, the offer ends June 10th.

Imagine all the extra things you could do with just a little more energy!


Watch out for Hypnosis Downloads biggest new  hypnosis products coming at  a 50% discount soon!

New Releases  for June from Hypnosis Downloads

Jealous Partner

Fear Of Fainting

Fear Of Making Mistakes

Love Yourself

Feeling Crazy?


Money Magnetizer II

This powerful subliminal video is a follow up to “Money Magnetizer”, one of our most popular subliminal videos.

This subliminal meditation video is designed to help program your subconscious mind to view money as a tangible energy that can  be attracted and used for good.

Unlike the original, which only contained SPOKEN subliminals, this video, Money Magnetizer, Part II, contains both SPOKEN and VISUAL subliminal encoding, making it even more effective for serious meditation students.


GOOD NEWS!  If you’re already member of iGodMind EVOLUTION, then you can access the FULL version inside your member’s area HERE.If you haven’t yet experienced the power behind all the subliminal content inside iGodMind EVOLUTION yet, then take a free trial of the world’s first “Netflix for Meditation” RIGHT HERE!You deserve to live as your highest self,


Welcome to AudioRejuvenation

This is a never before released 10 minute Bonus track from our “You Are Everything You Need” Album

Here is Instant Access to your free recording.
==========================================Need Support Contact Us here.
emailsupport@AudioRejuvenation.comIt is our wish to help you make this your best year ever.To get the most out of this program, I encourage you to set
time aside to listen open each email we send. Keep distractions
at a minimum (turn off email, your phone, or anything else
that might get in the way).Take it in! Make notes. Jot down ideas. Add to your
“To-Do” list ONE specific action you’ll take THAT day.In a couple of weeks, I want you to share your results,
with me no matter how “big” or “small.”Even the tiniest step is HUGE when you look back several weeks
from now and see how far you’ve come in such a short span!My best to you,
The Audio Rejuvenation Team


This week we have a free mini course for you to help you to reprogram your money frequency:

Free 7 Day Money Energy Course

It will help you to align your mind for money, wealth and abundance through a free 7 day course to help you to effortlessly align your energy with money, clear any energetic blocks to having more money and put you in a mindset of abundance

This 7 day course is completely free, from Money Reiki Master, Lily Jensen and will permeate all levels of your being with the properties and energy of money manifestation so that you can recieve money in your life more effortlessly.

Download your copy here

Achieve your goals – with guided meditation

Guided Mind

28/05/14 Real Subliminal

This week we have a free mini course to share with you – to reprogram your “money frequency” so that you can attract money more naturally and clear your money blockages:

Free 7 Day Money Energy Course

It will help you to align your mind for money, wealth and abundance through a free 7 day course to help you to effortlessly align your energy with money, clear any energetic blocks to having more money and put you in a mindset of abundance

This 7 day course is completely free, from Money Reiki Master, Lily Jensen and will permeate all levels of your being with the properties and energy of money manifestation so that you can receive money in your life more effortlessly.

Download your copy here

To Your Success,

Real Subliminal


28/05/14  Hypnobusters

My new Positive Thinking subliminal MP3 has received a ton of fantastic feedback. Now, as a reward to our subscribers, you can get this MP3 for just $3!

That’s right, $3!

For the price of a cup of coffee you can make a profound change in how you think and feel.

    >> To take advantage of this offer click here and use the discount code BELIEVE <<

Do hurry though as this offer ends on May 31st.

There are no limits to what you can achieve when you think positively and act.

Thank you for subscribing to the HypnoBusters/Free Hypnosis Treatment newsletter.

Kind regards,



Increased Focus IsoBeats

(Worth $14.95)

Increased Focus IsoBeatsFree IsoBeats download. This recording normally sells for $14.95 but we are now offering it free for people to be able to try out IsoBeats and see if this technology is right for them. We believe that anyone can benefit from our recordings and want as many people as we can get to try them out.

Our Increased Focus IsoBeats is designed to help you stay in a relaxed yet deeply focused mindset. The perfect recording if you are finding it difficult to concentrate or you have a task at hand that requires your full attention.

If you want to get the full benefits of this recording then you must use headphones. Get in a comfortable position and let the sounds of the frequencies guide your mind into a highly focused state. Take deep, calming breaths throughout the recording and just let go.

Meditate on the sounds until you feel the effects of the entrainment process. This usually takes about 10 minutes but this can vary depending on how willing the user is to “let go” and allow the IsoBeats to do their work. The more you fight it the longer it will take. Keep your intention on a focused mind and simply ease your thoughts back to the sounds if you find them drifting.

Download Now button1(After you download your free IsoBeats, make sure and check out all of the products that we have to offer that can change your life)



Hypnosis Downloads

How to Reduce the Power of Bad Memories: Hypnosis Downloads

We all have memories that make us cringe when we recall them. But some memories arise unbidden, again and again. What can we do about those? Some new research fits with how we treat bad memories using hypnotherapy, showing an easy way you can reduce the effect bad memories have on you quickly and easily. Listen to this month’s Audio Insight to find out more…

Please click the link below  to download your audio insight:

Download your Audio Insight here

These Audio Insights are published every two months in Inspired Minds, our newsletter. (You can subscribe to Inspired Minds here if you haven’t already). If you are a therapist, you might like to take a look at our section for hypnotherapists and our hypnosis scripts. Growth Zone members – remember all the audio insights are archived for you to listen to any time.

Best Wishes

Roger Elliott & Mark Tyrrell
Founders, Hypnosis


$1 Sitewide Hypnosis Tape Sale -no limit!

17/05/14 Subliminal  Videos

The weekend sale we had on Pleasurable Profits last month went really well and several people asked if we could have another sale with one of the other video series.  So I took a look in the vault and came across Subliminal Underground.  It has 7 videos as well. Nelson always had a thing about the lucky number 7.  Below is the list of videos and the subliminal commands that they contain:

Subliminal Underground I – The “It All Comes Naturally” Subliminal Video

Subliminal Commands:

  •  I am excited, enthusiastic and passionate making $100,000 per month!
  •  I am happy and grateful to have this opportunity each day!
  •  I feel an inner strength and power stronger than ever before!
  •  I am calm, relaxed and exhilarated about my incredible progress!
  •  I love my life more and more each day!
  •  I am a kind, loving, attractive, affectionate and vibrant person!
  •  My Life and My Value Have Reached The Level of Greatness!
  •  My Family & Friends are all benefiting from my 10-Minute Ritual!
  •  I experience true joy with what my subconscious mind does for me now!
  •  I intuitively know WHEN to take immediate action!

Subliminal Underground II – The PowerHouse Income Subliminal Video

Subliminal Commands:

  •  I Have Doubled My Income In The Last 3 Weeks!
  •  I Am SO Happy and Relieved That I Found Something That Works For Me!
  •  I Am Making More Money Today Than EVER Before!
  •  I Am Grateful To Have This Opportunity!
  •  I Am SO Thankful To The Spiritual Universe for Guiding Me!
  •  I Have Everything I Need to Support My Family and Friends and More!
  •  I Am In Love With The Results I Get From The 10-Minute Ritual!
  •  I Am Continuously Smiling Now Because My Dreams ARE Coming True NOW!
  •  I Am So Relieved To Be Debt Free And Happy!
  •  I Am Amazed At How Powerful These Subliminal Videos Are!
  •  I Am Truly Grateful That Subliminal Videos Work For Me!


Subliminal Underground III – The Massive Monetary Magnet Subliminal Video

Subliminal Commands:

  •  I have over $500,000 in cash – Safe & Secure!
  •  My Life is Easy and Money is Coming at Me from ALL Directions!
  •  I change problems into solutions FAST with My Genius Intelligence!
  •  I am making MORE money than I have ever made in my life!
  •  I am grateful to have this life and am making the most of it!
  •  I can do what I want to do, when I want to do it!
  •  I have everything I need to help many many people achieve their dreams too!
  •  I love Subliminal Videos and am SO HAPPY to have found something that works for me!
  •  I Love My Life and am Content, Happy, Graceful and Blessed!
  •  I AM Grateful that I now have this POWER at my disposal to do with whatever I want to!
  •  I Love This FEELING of Confidence & Contentment and have a continuous “smile on the inside”!
  •  Other people are attracted to me because of the “magnetic vibes” that I put out!
  •  People FEEL better about themselves whenever I come around!
  •  I take *Intuitive Action* immediately to make this world a better place RIGHT NOW – TODAY!

Subliminal Underground IV — The Ruthless Competitor Subliminal Video

Subliminal Commands:

  •  I Have a Steady $150,000 Per Month Income!
  •  I Have a Wonderful House in Paradise!
  •  I Have a Beautiful Lifestyle and FEEL GREAT!
  •  My Power is Improving Every Day Which Makes Me Think Faster & FEEL Better!
  •  My Life is Wonderful and Easy!
  •  I Love Doing What I Do & Help Others Make Their Dreams Come True Also!
  •  I Am Amazed At How POWERFUL “The 10-Minute Ritual” Really Is!
  •  I Am So Happy and So Relieved That Everything worked out GREAT!
  •  This Life I Live Is Inspiring and Filled With LOVE!
  •  My Life Keeps Getting Better and Better EACH DAY!
  •  I Am So Happy, Grateful and Content That THIS Works For ME!
  •  I Trust My Intuition and take VERY PROFITABLE Action on Hunches and Gut Feelings Immediately!

Subliminal Underground V – The 10 Minute Millionaire Subliminal Video

Subliminal Commands:

  •  I Am A Millionaire and I Love My Life!
  •  I Am Extremely Lucky At Games of Chance!
  •  My Good Luck Intuitively Shows Itself Daily!
  •  I Am Always Grateful and Thankful For My Good Luck!
  •  I Intuitively Receive Million Dollar Ideas Daily!
  •  I Automatically Attract The Right People and Tools at The Exact Right Time!
  •  My Life is a Continuous Adventure of Experiencing The Law of Attraction!
  •  I am a CASH Millionaire and Can Write a Million Dollar Check Today!
  •  I Am So Excited That The 10-Minute Ritual Really Does Work For Me!
  •  I Can Buy Almost Anything I want and Do Most Anything I Want!
  •  I Am Free Now and Can Dedicate My Life To Help Others Become Free Too!

Subliminal Underground VI – The Make Millions Today Subliminal Video

Subliminal Commands:

  •  I Won The Lottery!
  •  I Am A Millionaire Today and Love It!
  •  I Am Lucky in Everything I Do!
  •  I Am Blessed With The Gift of GREAT Luck!
  •  I Am Grateful To Be Me and Love My Life Now!
  •  I Love This And Am So Excited To Be FREE!
  •  I Love This Feeling…  I Constantly Win!
  •  I Love The Results I Have Gotten From The 10-Minute Ritual!
  •  My Life IS A Dream Come True Story!
  •  I Am Continuously Amazed At How Well This Works FOR ME!
  •  I Love My Life And Love Being Me!
  •  I’m SO Happy and Grateful Now. I Love This!


Subliminal Underground VII – The “I Am A Millionaire Today” Subliminal Video

Subliminal Commands:

  •  I Am A Millionaire Today!
  •  I Am Elated & Excited About My Life & My Future!
  •  I Am Lucky! I Am Divinely Directed!
  •  I Am At Peace With Myself, My Surroundings & My Relationships!
  •  I Get The Exact Right Information At The Right Time!
  •  I Feel Pleased & Content With My Millionaire Status!
  •  I Am Comfortable & Loving as HUGE Amounts of Money Flow To Me!
  •  I Love The Way I Am In Total Control Of My Life Now!
  •  I Can Have ANYTHING I Want Today!
  •  THIS Video Provides HUGE Results That Are Quantifiable, Measurable & Obvious Every Day!
  •  I Am Truly Grateful For The 10-Minute Ritual and I Use It Every Day!
  •  I Am Truly Grateful For The 5-Minutes To Millions Exercise and I Use It Twice Per Day!
  •  I Am So Lucky and My Life is The Best It Has EVER Been!

Each one of these videos is individually priced at $39.95, but now you have the opportunity to get all 7 videos for less than the price of one.

This weekend only, the entire Subliminal Underground video series is available for only $19.95.  If you missed the Pleasurable Profits sale we had last month then you definitely don’t want to miss this one.

This sale ends at midnight U.S. Pacific Standard Time this Sunday 5/18.

Go here for more info: Subliminal Underground

Have a Great Weekend!

Shane Berry



It’s with great personal pride that we can announce this new collection of hypnosis sessions – perhaps the most important thing (which we often overlook), which has a profound impact upon our whole lives is our health – take a look at this, our complete health hypnosis collection:

Improve Health Hypnosis Program

Why is this the Most Important Thing?

If your health is poor then it limits you in every area of your life – your mental and emotional health, your ability to lead an active lifestyle, your social life.. it stops you from making the most of life in every way and fulfilling your true potential.

When you have poor health it takes over your life and your mind – it is all you can think about.

Life Can Be Different.. Can Be Much More Exciting..

When you take care of your health then everything else follows – you don’t even have to think about your health – you are free from pain, healthy and abundant.

You focus on your goals, on enhancing yourself in other areas, on pursuing your goals and living an active life to your maximum capacity.

Life is so different, much more vibrant and exciting, and this is what we are thrilled to be able to share with you – the ability to improve your health and live a vibrant, full life with the help of our powerful hypnosis sessions.

If this sounds like the kind of life you want to lead then check this NEW collection out:

Improve Health Hypnosis Program



Newest SMM Free Listen: Spanish Guitar and Deep Delta Taking Healing to a New Level

Newest SMM Free Listen: Spanish Guitar and Deep Delta Taking Healing to a New Level The Music Exquisite Spanish Guitar played by Daniel Estrem and Karri Norge, featuring classics from Suite Andalucia, Suite Espanola and Valses Poeticos. Mixed with delta BWE. The Brain Wave Entrainment Deep Delta brainwaves, the slowest of them all with a frequency in the range of just above 0 Hz to 4 Hz, usually occur when you’re in a deep sleep. Delta brainwaves are very important because they give you many different benefits…

Get  your FREE Conscious Mind Primer Trypnosis session designed to prime your mind for positive change from  Peak Power Hypnosis today! Get it here today!

Free Hypnosis Session for Deep Restorative Sleep & Peak Mental Performance Plus, a sneak preview of ‘Confidence Magic’… A fun & powerful way to boost self-confidence. Here’s what you’re about to get… Mind Restore Thumbnail ImageMind Restore This powerful Trypnosis session is designed to help you get the deepest sleep ever, so you wake up to peak mental performance, feeling refreshed and super-charged


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Up to 100 audio lessons including 60 from new World Summit teachers Latest in Health, Wellness, Relationships and Spirituality Brand new topics and lessons Worksheets so you can absorb the content more fully and apply it to your life right now Guided meditations and exercises Inspirational movies Community of over 300,000 people from 217 countries who joined us last year 3 videos of lessons from icons in our industry at the top of this page 30 audios included with the Free registration or 100 audios included when you upgrade to the Premium registration





7th  May

Paul Hoffman has just announced that he’s giving
away 2 FREE brain entrainment audio downloads worth $33…

But only for a limited time!

If you’re ready to:

1. Tap into the hidden treasury of your subconscious mind

2. Release any limiting beliefs that may be blocking you

3. Activate your innate ability to masterfully manifest your desires

4. See results in as little as 5 minutes a day

CLICK HERE to claim your 2 free “Sculptations” MP3s!

4th  May 2014
This is brand new out this week
download your free mp3 here.
It’s a free guided meditation audio download which
will take you on a beautiful visual journey within
your mind called “Love Your Body”.It will help you to love yourself and your body
for who you are without worrying about what other
people think of you.It’s brand new, just been released this week so
download your copy here, it’s 100% free.___________________________________________________
Today were thrilled to share this with you, it’s a FREE guided meditation mp3 to help you to lose weight:
This is a core meditative experience to help you to set your beliefs and goals and tie them to your vision of yourself at your perfect weight. You will:
  • Create a strong visual image of yourself in the future, at your perfect weight. You will see yourself, experience being in this new body and you will KNOW it is possible – this powerful visualization will set you on the path to success more than ever before.
  • Tie your actions and goals to your perfect weight visualization. You will know what you have to do to reach your perfect weight and your goals, desires and required actions will be tied so strongly that you won’t give up and will stay committed to your weight loss goals.
  • Set the foundation for acquiring a natural “weight loss mindset” – the type of mindset which is shared by those who successfully lose weight and keep it off – you will start to think like this too and lose weight more naturally because of it.
It’s 100% free, it’s BRAND NEW this week – so go download your copy, instantly here:
Change your life.. naturally!
Natural Hypnosis


What’s New on Hypnosis for May

Blissful Touch
Mammogram Anxiety
Poker Face
How to be a Better Manager


World of Subliminal


28th  April 2014

Super Mind Music has come a long way since it’s inception in 2010 and the first ever album release.
Jeff Gignac’s brainwave entrainment has become ever more sophisticated and powerful, and we constantly strive to bring you the most beautiful music.
Over a million people have now experienced this unique blend of brainwave entrainment and music..
…and as one of our happy customers said this weekend:
“That’s what I love about the way you do it, it is affordable (very), honest, amazing music, and incredible entrainment….no-one could ask for more!”
It really is the easiest (and most enjoyable) way to get your brain working more effectively, whilst experiencing a multitude of other benefits…
…and it’s going to keep getting better and better…
Future Super Mind Music Releases
Later this year there’ll be follow ups to some of most popular albums… New Shamanic Journeys with stunning new Native American music, more enchanting cello from Jami Sieber, a dreamy new StellarDrone ambient album, more uplifting dance music…
…and very soon, a wonderful follow up to one of most popular albums ever – Deep Delta: Elixir Acoustica with more sublime acoustic guitar and Delta BWE.
You don’t have to wait though Paul: Experience Super Mind Music today at the lowest ever prices…
Super Mind Music SALE
We’ve just launched our BIGGEST ever Super Mind Music SALE.
All albums are $9.95 or LESS until this Tuesday 29th April.
If you don’t yet own these transformational albums, now is a GREAT time to get some. There’s nearly 50 to choose from.
If you’ve heard an album you like – get it at it’s lowest ever price.
…and there’s a new mystery bonus gift with each purchase.
Grab yourself a transformational bargain!
Wishing you lots of happiness,

Cyndi and Iain


Date: 22nd April  2014

We have the Prosperity Triliminal audio and 10 other free gifts
for you to download today, and these are available only to the end of the week
Download them here
You also get other mp3s, manifestation info and other cool freebies.
You don’t need to download everything as its all optional, so take a
peek and see if there’s anything you like.
Check it all out here

To Your Success!

The Team

Date: 22nd April  2014

I have just released my Millionaire Mindset Subliminal MP3, and to celebrate I’m giving away a bunch of free copies!
All you need to do is click the link below and follow the simple instructions at the top of the page. You’ll have your free Millionaire Mindset Subliminal MP3 in a matter of seconds!
Do hurry though as this offer won’t last long.
Thanks for reading,
Jon Rhodes



Want therapy whilst at your PC? I’m giving away a tool that’s very useful if you spend a lot of time at your computer.
It’s free subliminal wallpapers. Put them on your desktop and they contain hidden therapeutic messages that reprogram your mind.
There are loads to choose from, such as weight loss, attract wealth, motivation and many more. They can be found here…
There are full instructions on how to add these pictures to your desktop background.
The great thing about these is that you no one will know the purpose of the picture. They look like normal scenic pictures of mountains, rivers, tress etc. However they will help you achieve your goals. They also look good!
If you like them, please share with your friends.

Program Your Mind To Find Positive Solutions

You must believe that having money is good, and having money is possible for you before you can attract it.

You can start programming your mind to accept that you deserve money, that you can accomplish good with money, that money SHOULD come to you.

Using this subliminal video will program your mind with commands such as:

“it is your right to be rich”
“all that you need is coming to you now”
“you deserve financial freedom”
“the Universe is bringing you great wealth now”
…and hundreds more like those.

To start programming your mind to ACCEPT and ATTRACT money now, just go here and make sure you have an Internet connection:


You deserve riches and abundance, flowing freely into your life!








Natural Hypnosis

We’ve got a super exciting free download to share with you this week in the area of the Law of Attraction – a free subliminal mp3:
This mp3 contains subliminal messages which penetrate into your mind to help to improve your manifestation results.
It stimulates your mind subconsciously so that your whole body, subconscious mind and physical actions are all focused on the same thing – on attracting and manifesting your desires into reality. Download your copy here:
Change your life.. naturally!
Natural Hypnosis

Guided Mind

This week we released our BRAND NEW Weight Loss Meditation Collection (it is available at a 30% discount for the next couple of days only), so today we want to explain a little bit more about how you can make weight loss easier for yourself and how meditation can help.

Weight Loss Is Hard (?)

The main reason you are overweight is not because you don’t have knowledge about nutrition or exercise, not because you don’t know what to do. It is because of your mindset.

You start with the best of intentions.. you know what you need to do.. it’s simple right.. just eat a balanced diet, don’t over-indulge on fatty food and sugars, take regular exercise – you can even imagine yourself enjoying it and being happy making progress..

But somehow it doesn’t work out. When it comes to actually doing it, it is hard!

Makes Weight Loss Easier

If you really want to make weight loss easier then it’s not about gaining more knowledge of nutrition or trying a new exercise schedule – the real success lies in changing your mindset.

Lets step back for a second and consider other people’s mindset – specifically the mindset of those people who have been overweight, and then ‘suddenly’ they lose weight and keep it off ever after.

To you, to the outside world it looks easy, instant even. And actually it is – because perhaps after years of struggling and yo-yo diets, something changed within their mind. A switch flipped and something snapped within their brain. Their whole attitude changed. They gained the mindset needed for weight loss success.

This is how this powerful collection works – to instill this focused mindset within you too – once you acquire this mindset then you will be much more likely to succeed.

Imagine being just able to eat healthily and exercise regularly as part of your daily life – if something just clicked in your mind and it wasn’t a daily struggle or forced way of thinking – if it really was just naturally who you were.

This is how our new weight loss meditation collection helps. It will take you on a journey within your mind to change your mindset and how you view food, diet, exercise and weight loss so that weight loss becomes much easier and more natural for you.

This really is possible, and so is easier weight loss and the ability to keep it off – FOREVER.

If you really want to make a change in your mind and in your life then take a look at our weight loss collection today:

Complete Weight Loss Collection – Save 30%

Achieve your goals.. with guided meditation

Guided Mind


Download This Business Success Subliminal MP3

Hey there,A lot of people come to this site looking for ways to attract money or to program their subconscious to help them succeed.  Many are either business owners or people who want their own business.This subliminal MP3 was created for anyone who needs to boost their business focus and get more out of it.  Whether you want to start a new business, or need to energize your current one, this Business Success Subliminal MP3 can help.This download is a gift, so grab it and put it to good use.  And make sure you “share” the post so that others who need it can use it too.  Karma will be good to you.DOWNLOAD BUSINESS SUCCESS SUBLIMINAL MP3 HERE


The Zen Zone’
“An exquisite piece of soothing and enlightening music capable of transporting to higher levels of meditation and “samadhi” like states”

This Super Mind Music album is the first to reach the Gamma brainwave level. Gamma can enhance the ability to achieve goals and improve clarity of thought and intuition…

“This music is excellent for enabling clarity of thought and stillness of mind at various intervals. It relaxed my tension caused by constant monitoring of my life and sent solutions to me as well as being quality, beautifully resonating tones.”

Click here to listen to the FULL album for FREE


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